First Blog Post

Finally, I started blogging. It’s weird. I normally don’t blog, but a lot of things have been going on in my life that I kind of want to keep track of them. I also want to show and share my appreciation for the things in life that inspire/touch me. Hopefully, it would inspire something in you too. And this would also be the place where I would share all my thoughts on yuri/shoujo-ai stuff.

I am also a manga editor at Lililicious (albeit slow). I will be posting my progress and what kind of works I’ve done/are doing. I am also considering posting literal translations (jap > eng) of certain yuri/interesting non-mainstream manga that I went to read in RAW instead of waiting for scanlations. However, I’m a bit afraid that my skills are not quite good enough to understand/translate everything…so I’m not quite sure I want to share that yet. I understand the manga through reading it, looking up unfamiliar words up, and context…so my translations would not be entirely accurate.


About Kaizora

A front-end web designer/developer with an interest in the human side of things.
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