This is the second time I’ve watched Simoun and I have to say that I have a lot more appreciation for this series than when I first watched it. When I first watched it, I was yuri-curious. During that time, I just loaded myself with yuri titles, manga, anything I could find to confirm and secure my sexuality. So the first time I watched it, I liked it a lot, but it didn’t stick to my memory completely. This time around, I am in love with it. In fact, so in love that I purchased all five Simoun DVDs separately (released by Media Blasters), used on Ebay. (I didn’t want the “boxset,” because I read that it was only one thin DVD box with the series compressed s in it along with no extras/art/anything special, although I might still get it, because it has a different cover art…) This time around, I really came to appreciate the series and its characters.

Simoun’s ending
The way that it ended was perfectly fine. I think it’s a great ending. They kept it as an open ending with no real “answers” to the mysteries, but I think that’s the beauty of it. The director commented himself in the commentary that he wanted to leave it the way that it is now. I would agree with him the same way. Why? Because in this world, there aren’t always answers to everything. Simoun kept us interested with its mysteries and showed us “hope” in the end instead of filling us with black-and-white answers. If Simoun ended with “answers” to everything, I think it’d make the series less attractive overall –because then you would know everything about the series and have no reason to re-visit it. You know those series where it’s like an adventure game, where in the end, you find all the answers and then you don’t want to do it all over again, because you already know the ending? Simoun did the opposite of that, so there was more of a reason for people to re-visit it, find more answers on their own, and simply enjoy the show without feeling like the journey would end. Personally, I enjoyed this show and would re-visit this show again and again!

More detailed analysis to come when I find the time/motivation to re-watch this series again.


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