An End To A New Beginning

Hanasaku Iroha reached an ending with episode 26. It was a wonderful series, a bit sad toward the end, but if there was no “end,” there would be no new “beginning.” The ending depicts this theme very well. Everyone expressed their farewells so that they could continue on their own journey to search for the self, and to bloom more beautifully than before.

    Things to take away from this episode:

  • The place where you belong to isn’t a place given to you from the beginning. It’s something you either find or make yourself. (Summarized by Kou-chan)
  • Endings are necessary for new beginnings. It’s necessary for one to grow. When you look back at the “ending,” you learn so much more than if it just continued on forever and ever.

Someday, they’ll meet again to form “Kissui Inn” again, but until then, they will each be walking their own paths.


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