Darker than Black Season 2 Limited Edition Blu-Ray/DVD Combo

Darker than Black Season 2 Blu-Ray/DVD Combo

New addition to my collection. Just picked this up at my post office. I pre-ordered it off Amazon a while back when it was announced and got it for $29.99 with the pre-order price guarantee. It goes for $33.99 now.

Personally, I really liked this series, and I’m still hoping for a continuation of it. I’ve watched Season 1 and 2, along with the OVAs a while back, and I don’t remember much of it. I’m planning on re-watching it eventually to understand the entire series more completely this time. Apparently, there was some Bible references that I seem to have missed.

Review and pictures for this will be done eventually.

Aside: I just realized that on the back of the box it says “DISC MADE IN MEXICO” o_o…
(Mexico manufactures anime discs…?)


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