Hana to Hoshi Chapter 1 and other updates

Feels like I haven’t blogged since forever. But to be honest, I’ve been pretty busy with university work. Now that it’s almost the end of the semester, it’s the final round of stress. I have 2 major things left for next week. After that, I’m free! Okay, enough with my life.

I finished editing Hana to Hoshi Chapter 1, QC got back to me, I fixed those, and sent it back (about 2 hours ago). Now it’s good for release, so it should be out to the public soon :). Sorry I took so long!

On the other hand, Lililicious released “Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep” chapter 1, which is by Mizutani Fuka (水谷フーカ ). I was going to buy her book for this actually! (And I still would, but I was surprised to find Lililicious to be releasing this, especially right after the book was released earlier this month.) Mizutani Fuka is the author of “14-sai no Koi” and “Kono Kutsu Shirimasen ka?” Her writing style is really cute and sweet. She reminds me somewhat of Kazuma Kowo (one of my favorite yuri manga artists), but a little less sexual and sometimes even dark. There isn’t much of her works out in the scanlation community so this is a really good sample of her work to get people to buy her work. If you like her work, please support her and buy her book!

Speaking of buying books, I made yet another order on bk1 a week ago, mainly for Takemiya Jin’s works, namely “Seasons,” which is a compilation of selected doujinshi from her past. According to her blog post(s), people seem to like her old art style more in her doujin days than her current style. I saw glimpses of some of her old doujinshi and I have to say I like her old art style too. Her response to this is that her style changed little by little and it would be difficult to return to her old style; instead, she’s aiming to draw even better art. But for those who still like her art style more, “Girlish Sweet: Atashi no Kanojo” is drawn pretty close to her old style. (aside: this is in my bk1 order(-^〇^-)) I don’t think I can translate her whole blog post accurately so I’ll leave it at that.

So I lurk on 4chan once in a while and /u/ recently started the Yuri Project that’s like Magic Archive Voile (Touhou doujin scanlation community). The current yuri scanlation groups have been having difficulty due to the lack of staff, but hopefully the yuri project would hold. You should know, Dynasty Scans is out of commission. So…less releases + slower releases. Sad for the yuri community, but I think it’s the case of the new generation not lending a helping hand with the older generation (us). And possibly, less yuri fans interested in helping (--). But hey, if you can lend a helping hand to the yuri scanlation community, learn about editing and apply for a position in a scanlation group or go to the Yuri Project and help out! I’ll be lurking there too after finals.

I could ramble on for a bit more but that’s it for now ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ.


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