Lililicious Changes

As you may know already, Lililicious have made an announcement earlier today about some changes to the group as a whole. They want to “transition to working more on doujinshi and older manga rather than currently-running or recently-published manga.” I’ve edited a few projects for Lililicious over the years (not continuously). Frankly, I think this would be the last of the yuri scanlation community. Most of the major groups have either been in hiatus or have disbanded. Sure, Yuri Project sprouted earlier this month, but that community is dependent on anons, scanlating with varying degrees of expertise. There are also small groups here and there, but they also wouldn’t be providing us with the amount of yuri that Lililicious/Dynasty Scans have provided us before. Our only hope seems to be JManga and Yen Press to bring legitimate yuri manga to the US, but given the infamous success of the current legitimate yuri products in the US, things look kind of grim. But if it happens that they catch on to this decline and decide to hit a niche market, we’d be in luck. Otherwise, I don’t see much hope for the future of yuri manga in the US.

Unfortunately, I will not be staying with the group after I finish this last project. I did drop Hana to Hoshi and sadly, no one in the group was interested in picking it up. Sorry for those looking forward to it. But in exchange, I picked up Takemiya Jin’s Fragments of Love. The first chapter and a few extras was previously released by another editor, but that editor haven’t progressed much for chapter two and have gone on vacation, giving me the project.

This is not much of a happy yuri manga, but it’s my personal choice to pick it up. The choice is not group related. Just to clarify, Lililicious does not have one person who “chooses” or “prioritizes” one project over another. The list you see on the main page are projects that we (as editors) chose as our last projects (for some). For me, it would my last so I’m going to try to make the best of it.

I picked up this project is because I have an appreciation for Takemiya Jin’s works. She is an out LGBT yuri manga artist who truly loves what she does, and as depicted in her manga, she also understands the issues LGBT face. If I wanted to do a happier work from her, I could have picked up KiLa KiLa, but I simply don’t have the patience to edit at that level given the tight schedule that was asked of us. This time, unlike our usual laid-back schedule, we were asked to finish each chapter within a given time frame. This project would work for my schedule and their schedule. And with this, I can share more of Takemiya Jin’s works into the yuri community.


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