Not an update…

…on yuri-related content. But update on my life, which is negligible, I know.

I am no longer editing for Lililicious, and thus, I am no longer on the project for “Fragments of Love” by Takemiya Jin. I still do like Jin-sensei’s work, but I simply don’t have the time or passion for the job any more. The good news is that it did not sound like it was going to be dropped. Possibly the original editor that left for vacation will pick it back up when he/she comes back.

Now the reason I had quit —
I am taking a step towards my professional life. I’ve found a part-time job and was hired as a web designer for an institute at my university. It is a very exciting opportunity for me, and I cannot describe how happy I am to be doing web design work right after I have discovered this passion last semester.

As a result of spending more time on my passion, and also having someone new in my life now, I have less time for leisure activities that I used to spend a lot of time on, such as watching anime, or blogging. But I don’t feel sad or anything particularly negative. Perhaps it’s because I’m satisfied with this point in my life right now ( ̄ー ̄).


About Kaizora

A front-end web designer/developer with an interest in the human side of things.
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