Tsubomi Web Comic 2/22 Updates

New Illustration Art done by 一花ハチ (Hitohana Hachi)
It’s from the manga 神さまばかり恋をする (Kamisama bakari koi o suru).

If you haven’t read about my earlier post on the Tsubomi Web Comic page, you can read about it here.

– 2/22 Update –
New pages are out for the following manga:

These Tsubomi published books came out a week+ ago on 2/13:

Not Tsubomi-related, but just a note that Vol. 7 of Pure Yuri Anthology Hirari could be preordered at bk1 or Amazon JP. It will be out in April? Main site says they sell on the 26th of every April, August, and December.

UPDATE: I just read that Prism Vol. 1 by 東山翔 / Higashiyama Show will be out in April. I am so excited for it. This is a definite buy for those who love yuri.

I would look forward to these releases in Japan :).


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