Some Upcoming Yuri Manga Releases

Yuri Hime June 2012 will be released March 17th. Along with this release is Volume 1 of “The love that is cheaper than a notebook” by Morita Kisetsu. The cover looks extremely appealing:


It sells for 1,575 yen + shipping on or 1,500 yen + shipping at

Pure Yuri Anthology Hirari (ピュア百合アンソロジー ひらり) Vol. 7 will be on released on March 26th. You could preorder it at for 998 yen + shipping. Cover illustration art was done by Hiromi Takashima (高嶋ひろみ).


Tsubomi Vol. 17 will be released sometime in April for 980 yen + shipping. has it for 933 yen + shipping.

Hakamada Mera’s last volume of “Saigo no Seifuku” (The Last Uniform) and Morinaga Milk’s “Secret Recipe” Vol. 1, will be released mid April. Source: Tsubomi


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