bk1 in Japan

I’m currently residing in Kyoto, Japan! And since I almost always used bk1 while I was in America, I decided to use it in Japan too.

I’ve placed my bk1 order last Friday (4/6) and they sent me a shipping notification within hours. I received the package Monday (4/9). Domestic shipping within Japan is free. Package came clean, fast, and safely. Books were all kept safe in a transparent plastic bag. I was very satisfied.

Amazon.co.jp is free shipping as well and it might be easier to find what you’re looking for with an English interface, but I use coupons/accumulated points whenever I buy from bk1. I also get points from either あしあし (one click/one point a day), or simply buying at bk1, so it’s a win-win situation at bk1. I save yen and they’ve been great with my books.

If you were curious about the contents of my order :) :

I probably won’t have time to read them until Golden Week though :/. Sadly.


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One Response to bk1 in Japan

  1. Yosei says:

    Kyoto is a lovely city, and shoujo-ai is a great genre. Hope you’re enjoying the old capital. I envy that you can access shoujo-ai so easily while living in earshot of so many temples!

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