(Late?) Updates

Hey guys, sorry for not posting for such a looong time. I’ve come back from my study abroad trip in Japan about two months ago. It was a nice change of pace, and I enjoyed it as much as I could; now I’m settling down back to my life.

So as far as yuri/shoujo-ai updates, I haven’t been keeping track of things. The only things I’ve discovered are probably things you already know from other sources.

But better than no update right? I know a lot of you come for my honto guide though, so maybe you won’t even care if I update this blog or not.

Well anyway, this post is related to yuri/shoujo-ai games.

Apparently, “Lonely Yuri” by the circle, Night-time Sheep (夜のひつじ), has won the DLSite 1st anniversary campaign with the most votes for localization in English. I assume it’s the work of our fellow yuri enthusiasts? Good job to you all :).

It’s said that it will take a few months before it’s done, but I cannot wait! I wonder if they’ll do a good job? But let’s hope they do, as this will lead to more yuri viewers, more yuri content for English speakers.


Next that I’ve discovered…is for futanari lovers. I won’t post up a picture since it’s NSFW (18+), but this photo is probably the safer version of the series.

It’s called “Sengoku Black Yuri -Futanari Princess vs Rival Princess-,” released Sept 6th of this year (2012) by Word Game (言葉遊戯) at Comiket 82.

It’s an addition to the Sengoku Black Yuri series. The first one being “Sengoku Black Yuri -Futanari Princess and Her Vassalage-.” I haven’t played through any, but I intend to. I also wanted to play through “Lonely Yuri” in Japanese, but I haven’t had the time to, and I still need a dictionary to play through it. It’s not written in difficult Japanese, but there are certain words/kanji that I don’t know yet. Maybe by the time I get time to play through it, the English localization would already be out (lol).


For Atelier fans, “Atelier Totori” has a sequel coming out, called “Atelier Totori Plus” for the PSVita console on November 29th. In case you may not know, the original PS3 game, Atelier Totori, has lots of yuri subtext in it, you can read more about it from this person’s post and look at the below screenshot from that game >_>…

I’m interested in both! But again, no time, and I don’t own either of the consoles :(. Eventually, I will explore them both. Ending my post with a trailer of the new game:

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  1. MaiNoKen says:

    Try search for Totomimi (トトミミ) in Pixiv :3

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