2013 & Status Update

I’m late, but… Happy New Year!

Over the year of 2013, I’ve actually purchased less Japanese manga from honto.jp and posted less on this blog, but I know many people still come to visit my blog for the “How To Signup For honto” post I’ve made back in 2012. I’ve also answered many of your questions related to ordering on honto.jp and it has actually surprised me how popular that post has gotten. Thank you all for visiting and posting your feedback and such :D! For one of my new year’s resolutions, I hope to post more information, and sometimes, promos on this blog to share with people who are interested in Japanese culture, anime, manga, and yuri.

In terms of 2013, Honto.jp has been aggressively pushing for electronic books (ebooks) and thus, most of their promos have been related to electronic books. I’ve yet to experience the purchasing process for this, but perhaps one day I will, maybe when yuri becomes popular enough to be in ebook format.

Speaking of yuri, things are looking a tad brighter for the yuri community in Japanese pop culture (at least in the animation industry). Sakura Trick is coming Winter 2013/2014. Looks pretty moe and not exactly my kind of yuri/shoujo-ai, but considering the rarity, I’ll most likely be watching it. Akuma no Riddle (Riddle Story) catches more of my attention though, trailer on ANN. It’s coming Spring 2014 :). Hopefully more yuri goodness comes our way!

Here’s the annual report of this blog if you guys are interested in statistics and such: https://kaizora.wordpress.com/2013/annual-report/

Best wishes to everyone!

About Kaizora

A front-end web designer/developer with an interest in the human side of things.
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