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Since eBooks is becoming more and more aggressively pushed on honto.jp, I thought I’d give my readers some information on what I’ve gathered briefly regarding ebooks on honto.jp. To be clear, I don’t have a working setup for it, so this post will focus on what doesn’t work / is not supported, as of Jan 31, 2015.

They’ve also recently implemented a 立ち読み (tachiyomi) feature to their ebooks, (which if you’re not familiar with the concept, see this). The way it works seem to be that you would need their app, or install a browser plugin on a support browser. Not all of their ebooks support 立ち読み though.

So honto apps… It appears that the honto apps for smartphones/tablets may be region locked. For Android devices, it doesn’t support any of my Android devices, because my device is not from a Japanese wireless service company; e.g. Docomo, Softbank, or au. It seems that if you have a Japanese device, you may be able to download the honto app from the Google Play store. The only other way of getting around this is by downloading the honto app .apk file and installing it to your phone. Refer to this guest post.

There is no desktop application developed for Mac OS X, but if you own an Intel Mac there is still the option of downloading a plugin called T-TimePlug. This is also an option for PC browsers (same link). Running VM (such as Bootcamp or Parallels) for Windows on a Mac is not supported according to their website.

The Windows app for honto has been reported to be working and I’ve written about the findings in this post. Just FYI, there is a protection lock when you run the program that prevents you from using 3rd party programs to capture pages of the ebook.

More information and the downloads can be found directly on the honto ebooks info page.

If you own a PC, download their native program, or install their browser plugin, T-TimePlug.
If you own a Mac, install the browser plugin, T-TimePlug, or alternatively, run Windows on Bootcamp or another VM and install their Windows app.
If you own an iOS device, it has been confirmed to work. Download the iOS app from the Japanese iOS app store.
If you don’t own a Japanese make Android smartphone/tablet, refer to this guest post.

My recommendation, if you want to give it a try, is to make sure you have everything set up and working before purchasing anything. I’ll be glad to answer any questions that I can find answers to on their site, or update this post if anyone would like to share their experience on honto.jp ebooks.

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11 Responses to Honto.jp Ebooks

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  2. thuyntk58 says:

    This site has a lot of material to learn Japanese

  3. cherubeemu says:

    Hi, thanks for writing about honto app. I was wondering if there’s feature to change the size of the characters and copy the text and paste it? When I choose the option to google the text I highlighted it turns to some kind of code :S

    • Kaizora says:

      I’m wondering if that’s because of security/safety issues that the app would prevent you from copying and pasting the text? I haven’t tried any of the ebooks from honto since I own a Mac…so I can’t comment on how exactly you could copy the text. If you’re trying to look up the definition, I would probably try to read from the browser using their T-Time Plugin method on Firefox and try to use Rikai-chan plugin on top of that. If that’s not possible, then I would go the manual way of writing the kanji out in a dictionary app, or if you own a Nintendo DS, I highly recommend getting “Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten.” Hope this helps!

  4. Jaime says:

    I had no trouble downloading several of their ebook magazines, but the latest one won’t download. I’m getting a message saying it couldn’t complete the download and an error code, 90405501. Any idea what it means or how to fix it?

    • Kaizora says:

      Can you take a screenshot of the error and/or walk through the steps of how you got to this error?

      • Jaime says:

        I can’t really take a screenshot because the error shows up at the bottom of the honto app screen and only stays there for a few seconds. As far as walking through the steps, I clicked on the link from honto’s website, which opened up their app for actually downloading it. But when I try, it just sits there without downloading.

        I was able to download it on my XP laptop, finally, but that doesn’t explain why my computer is still having problems.

      • Kaizora says:

        That is very strange indeed… is your windows supposed in their operating system list?

        It says Windows 7 Starter is not included in their supported OS list… although it’s strange you’re able to download other books.

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  6. guest says:

    hello, I’ve found out it’s possible to use the honto app with a non-Japanese android phone. you just need to extract the apk and install it (don’t forget to enable installation from third party sources)
    to get the apk, just copy play store link to the honto app and paste it into one of the many apk download/extract websites
    I’m using the honto app on my wiko ridge that I bought here in Europe and it works without problems

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