Tokyo Otaku Mode

Hey guys, recently found out about this cool-looking new online store called Tokyo Otaku Mode. The site is in English and they seem to sell Authentic Japanese goods “to the world,” focusing on “otaku” goods. The products seem to be directly from the artists or publishers and they have a number of popular mainstream series/artists such as Attack on Titan and supercell’s redjuice (character designer of Guilty Crown). The variety of their goods include artbooks, art prints, doujinshi, smartphone cases, fashion items, figurines, books, licensed manga, etc.

I guess what really caught my eye in the first place was that they are the group responsible for putting the English translation of a Satoshi Hase’s Beatless light novel for free, to read online, which was what led me to find that they sell redjuice’s artwork, and redjuice is the illustrator for that series as well. I haven’t read it yet, but it will be my new train ride read.

The store itself seems new and shipping is only available in EMS, but shipping is free on orders over $200, which seems pretty good. I haven’t used it yet so I can’t vouch for whether they are good or not yet, but I suspect I may soon since I got a $5 coupon as a welcome gift to use in the next 7 days.

You can check it out and if you can, sign up with my invite link:

You get $10 $5 in TOM Points, which I guess you get a $10 $5 coupon. And I get $10 $5 if you place your first order; too bad I didn’t use anyone’s invite link when I signed up! Oh well. As usual, let me know if anyone has experience to share about this place and I’ll happily share it :).

EDIT: They were running a promo when I wrote this post, giving away double the usual invitation TOM points ($10 instead of $5). Without the promo, they only give $5 and this post has been modified to reflect the change since the promotion is now gone.


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2 Responses to Tokyo Otaku Mode

  1. Monica Ticas says:

    I got $5 off and free shipping but that promotion is gone i got an alpacasso its adorable so it was a good deal

    • Kaizora says:

      Hey Monica,

      I’ve edited this post a while back to reflect that the $10 off promo was gone, but the $5 TOM points and free shipping offer is still available if you signed up with my invite link (which I think you’ve done!).


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