honto.jp Film Coat/Lamination Service

I’m not sure if people are aware, but honto.jp does offer a film coating/lamination service on your shopping cart page (買い物カゴ) for 120 yen per book. If you check the 「フィルムコート」option, you would be able to purchase this service.

I’ve taken the opportunity to translate some of the text from their details page.

Products that cannot be film coated/laminated

  • CD/DVD ・ magazines・ and any products labeled with “フィルムコート不可”.

Important Points

  • It takes around 3 days of time after the product(s) arrive.
  • If you checkout with the film coat service (checking the checkbox right under your cart and right above the green checkout button on the your shopping cart page), your whole order will be part of the service (at 120 yen/book). In the case that you do not want film coating for your entire order, you would have to place your order separately.
  • Depending on the shape/form of the book, it is possible that it cannot be film coated/laminated. If that becomes the case, the order will be canceled and you will be contacted via email.
  • In the case that there are cases of applied things on the cover/binding/undersurface of the book, such as stickers, information/descriptions, barcodes, etc, it will be film coated as is.
  • In the case that the book has information printed on the paper ends of the binding, the bottom of cover sleeves, and such, the cover will be un-binded/cut, then film coated over. (I’m not entirely sure how this process is done, but see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJ5Lefyx26E and http://youtu.be/dDoNqyZ-cDM?t=3m42s ).
  • If your book comes with an obi, it will be removed for film coating. Then it will be re-wrapped around your book for shipping.
  • Regardless of shipping stage, after the order is complete, it cannot be cancelled.

I found this Japanese post with screenshots of film coated books done by honto if anyone’s curious what the results would look like: http://ameblo.jp/mr-nennkinn/entry-11453740938.html

* Sorry if some of the translation came out to be weird. As usual, do leave a comment if you need help. Hope this helps!


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