Time of EVE International Release

A week late in posting this, but…

I backed Time of EVE: The Movie on Blu-ray by Pied Piper / DIRECTIONS / Studio Rikka last year and just recently received my Blu-ray with the extras :). They were behind schedule in delivering the product, but they were always connected with their fans and genuinely cared about what the fans wanted out of this project. Their commitment to the quality of the project and their fans have been amazing from start to finish. They’ve spent a lot of time refining everything from the obi down to the postcards. And I’m happy to share that they’ve started selling these Blu-rays to the public on Right Stuf.


This is an excellent anime movie that I highly recommend it. The storyline, concept, and art is very interesting and well-done. I only wish they would make a continuation for it, because their world has so much that can be explored. For those who’ve already bought the Blu-ray, isn’t it great?!

Both versions come with the Soundtrack CD and the Deluxe version comes with a bonus art book. They’ve also managed to get enough funding to support a long list of subtitles in multiple different languages, so a vast majority of the population can watch and enjoy this anime!

Right Stuf Links:
Standard Edition $34.95
Deluxe Edition $59.95

You could also pre-order it at their official site here: http://timeofeve-shop.com

If you are already a fan of the movie, they are also getting a light novel extra called, “Time of EVE: Another Act” translated, so don’t miss out on it. It’s a limited time offer.

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