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  1. michi says:

    Thank you so much for the step by step guide. This totally helps me out so much :)

  2. Daniel says:

    Thanks, your guide is very helpful. I can read Japanese fairly well, but I was about to give up when I came to the shipping options and it wanted a Japanese address. Luckily I saw your guide, and how you can enter your foreign information in your user page.

    My only question is, is there no estimate for shipping? I get to what seems to be the final step, and I’ve selected SAL shipping, but the total is just the two things in my cart added together. Do they not tell you how much you’re paying for shipping until you’ve already payed?

    • Kaizora says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Glad the guide’s been helpful :).

      There is no estimate for shipping because they charge you exactly what Japan Post charges for shipping according to the destination, weight and size of the package. They won’t charge your card until they ship out so you won’t get charged extra. You can refer to this page to get an idea of how much it costs according to the destination and weight.

      Bunko size books (A6) usually weigh around 180g to 210g, depending on thickness. Manga size (Japanese B5) weighs around 220g to 250g. Shoujo or Shounen manga, like those Jump series, are roughly 165g to 210g, depending on paper weight. (Source)

      4 manga books (3x B5 and 1x A6) typically costs me 1380 Yen on SAL.

      Hope this helps.

  3. LeBoku says:

    This guide is great! Thanks. By the way, do you know any page where I could find the weight of the books to have an idea of how much it will cost?

    • dnjs says:

      Hi, I’ve ordered with bk1 in the past and just placed an order with honto earlier this month and use the cheapest method (by boat). Not sure why honto doesn’t show the breakout of destination/weight/shipping cost for the cheapest option (bk1 did), but I always order 8 manga volumes and the shipping is 1,080 yen. I think the weight limit for that shipping cost is 2 kg or less.

      • Kaizora says:

        honto simply refers back to Japan Post’s rate schedule page because the Japan Post would be the most accurate for calculating shipping rates. honto charges you exactly what the Japan Post will charge you for your package.

        You can get a chart if you go to the rate schedule page, find your zone in Letter Post. After you click rate schedule there, choose Shipping Type: Surface Mail. Service Type: Printed Matter. You should get the chart with how much it would cost according to weight.

        The weight limit for Surface Mail (Printed Matter) is indeed 2 kg as you’ve mentioned. 1080 yen is actually max that they would charge you for anything from 1 kg to 2 kg. 8 books is probably about 1600kg depending on what kind of book sizes they were.

        Hope this helps.

      • dnjs says:

        Thanks for the link to the Japan Post site! Yes, 8 books are probably around 1,600 – 1,800 grams… I’ve wanted to try and squeeze in one or two more books, but I don’t want to pay the shipping cost for the next level, 1,620 yen, lol.

      • Kaizora says:

        You’re welcome :). I think if you went over the 2kg, they might have went with another mailing option. I’m not sure what they’d do actually, but 8 books seems like the safe amount for Surface Mail.

      • dnjs says:

        Just thought I’d mention that I splurged a little and placed a bigger order with honto… a B’s-Log magazine (approx 900 g), three light novels, and four B6 size manga… I’m guessing that the total weight for the books is around 2400 g. Probably should have added one more manga but not sure how much the packaging weighs and didn’t want to get too close to the 3 kg limit. :) The shipping cost was 1620 yen (the next level up for surface mail, printed matter). It looks like the max limit is 5 kg… not that I’m planning on buying that much at one time, lol.

    • Kaizora says:

      As I’ve posted before, “Bunko size books (A6) usually weigh around 180g to 210g, depending on thickness. Manga size (Japanese B5) weighs around 220g to 250g. Shoujo or Shounen manga, like those Jump series, are roughly 165g to 210g, depending on paper weight. (Source)

      To get an idea of how much it would cost according to the weight, refer to this page. Choose your zone and which shipping option you are going with.

      I also mentioned this before, 4 manga books (3x B5 and 1x A6) typically costs me 1380 Yen on SAL.

      Hope this helps.

      • LeBoku says:

        Hi! I found this page: http://stack.nayutaya.jp/
        It has the weight of the different books =).
        Do you think that is accurate?

      • Kaizora says:

        Sorry for the late reply. I hadn’t noticed this comment until now.

        Hm…I looked at the site and I’m not sure where they get their information from, but it seems like you could use it as a sort of reference. I don’t think it’s possible to calculate the weight exactly, because we don’t know how many grams packaging materials would be exactly, but I would suggest to use the site as a reference to get an idea of how much your shipment would be, just take it with a grain of salt.

      • LeBoku says:

        No problem ;)

        I used the site to calculate the weight of my last three purchases. These are the results (In each case I added 150g for packing):
        1) 3 light novels (A5 x 3), 586g. Shipped as 501g~600g (SAL).
        2) 8 manga books (B5 x 7 + B4 x1), 1918g. Shipped as 1001~2000g (SEA).
        3) 8 manga books (A5 x 2 + B5 x 4 + B4 x2), 1961g. Shipped as 1001~2000g (SEA).

        I’m not saying that is perfect but it was useful for me =).

        By the way, sorry for my bad english skills ^_^

      • Kaizora says:

        Thanks! That is handy information. I’ll post it up onto this page later if you’re okay with it.

        And your English is perfectly fine :).

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  6. T_Mui says:

    Thanx for the helpful article! There is one thing I don’t get though, the part were I am forced to enter a japanese adress: what am I supposed to enter there?
    Just a random adress?

    • Kaizora says:

      Yes, any random address would work. I believe just entering any accurate Japan postal code will allow you to get through.

      The default address should have been set already when you entered your address into the address book after you registered for an account; the Japanese address you enter here would not be used. However, it would be safe to double-check on the last confirmation page in the checkout process to make sure your real address was used.

  7. Eisen says:

    This was really helpful! But I was reading that Honto isn’t accepting new international members (and then I read that they were)… is either of these true? I’d love to buy from them….

    • Kaizora says:

      From what I know, Honto still ships internationally, so I wouldn’t say that they aren’t accepting new international members. I believe that they assume that you are Japanese if you are using their site, since it is written entirely in Japanese, so their business can be said to be catered to Japanese customers. But they ship internationally; so it doesn’t matter whether you are an international member or not. A member is a member; and they ship internationally. The only change from bk1 to honto is that unlike bk1, they require you to enter a Japanese address instead of just the international address.

      There’s a FAQ question answered here on whether you can register with an international address:

      On the side note, honto is going through system maintenance, 8/11(Saturday) 13:00 ~ 8/12(Sunday) 1:00, so their ordering system will not be available at this time.

      • Eisen says:

        Thanks for replying to me so quickly!

        Yeah, I guess that’s true…. I was just a little thrown off by people saying that and I thought it was strange… Thanks though, that’s a relief to me. :)

        I saw that; guess I signed up at a bad time. xD I’ll put my order in Sunday night or Monday~

      • Kaizora says:

        No problem. Glad I was of help!

        That’s an interesting rumor to come across…

        Haha, yea, right at this time is Obon, one of the major holidays in Japan. Lots of stores and major companies in Japan are closed during this time.

  8. Ralen says:

    There is a forum thread from back in April when the merger was announced, where someone emailed support and asked if international shipping would be available to new members, and the response was that existing members who have received international shipping in the past would continue to be able to do so, existing members who had not received international shipping in the past would not be able to do so, and new members would also not be able to do so.
    (Last post on the first page).

    The link above is actually the first Google result for the search phrase “buying with honto” (this blog post is the fourth).

    However, visiting the FAQ that you linked above, it clearly states on their website that you can use a foreign shipping address, and explains how to do so, so maybe the information in that thread was incorrect (I believe it was from before the merger was complete) or maybe their policy has changed since then.

    • Kaizora says:

      Ohhh. Thanks for the information :).

      I can say that only points 3, 4, and 5 are accurate on that thread. Remaining bk1 points were transferred, with the extended expiration period. I didn’t have any open orders during the merge though, so I have no idea whether honto was put in charge or not during that time, but that isn’t of much importance anyway. I also believe I had to re-enter CC information.
      The other points are false. My order history and wishlist are still like when I left it (although I had no CD/DVDs on my wish list), and yes, international orders are still available.

      There’s also a page here that shows all the shipping methods for international orders:

  9. Eisen says:

    Sorry, I have another question! Was I supposed to put my country on the address line along with the country select drop down? Because at the final checkout it didn’t show USA in the address, just my address, but when I clicked on it to make sure, it was there… but then in the confirmation email it wasn’t there, so I’m slightly worried that I was supposed to put my country…. in the other tutorial I was reading, the person didn’t put it (just used to the drop down)… so I assumed that was the right thing. .__. I guess they could just go to my account and check… but I don’t know.

    • Kaizora says:

      I believe it’s fine with just the drop-down. My address is only drop-down and I’ve received both orders of my books fine.

  10. Shanna says:

    Thanks so much for the information! I’m curious to know if you how Honto compares with CD Japan in terms of price, delivery etc?

    • Kaizora says:

      You’re welcome.

      As Indgo.khalil noted, Honto and CD Japan are pretty comparative in terms of pricing of their items. And it is nice that CD Japan does display the approximate conversion as you browse the items, but their shipping is the difference. They pretty much have almost the same shipping methods, but Honto will ship at book rate (“printed matter”) while CD Japan will not. Printed Matter
      is a cheaper shipping option for books, magazines, and other printed material. You can still choose Surface, SAL, or Airmail for Printed Matter so the delivery time still varies based on your choice there, but the delivery time will not differ as Surface, SAL, or Airmail is the same speed regardless of whether it is marked as “Printed Matter” or not. Shipping as Printed Matter makes shipping books very affordable. It is a lot cheaper. The only other difference between Printed Matter and regular parcel post is that you cannot insure the package.

  11. Indigo.khalil says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. I was almost about to give up when it asked for a Japan address (I had already registered my international address so I was supposing they wouldn’t ask me for a Japan one.). I just placed my order for manga and I’m hoping everything goes ok. If it does, I’ll keep using this instead of CD Japan. CD Japan’s ok when it comes to the price of the actual book since they give it to you at list price but their shipping is expensive; it’s totally different from the prices listed at Japan Post.
    I chose EMS for this order though, since I already lost one SAL shipment before (I don’t completely trust our local post office).
    Thanks again!

    • Kaizora says:

      Glad it was of help.

      Hm…I’ve never lost a package by SAL before. I’ve shipped a package by ship though, and still haven’t received it yet… (2 months pasted so far, guess 1 more month?)

  12. Kenzo says:

    Thanks for your guide man
    I am a nikkei from south america
    and i will finally be able to buy stuff at and afordable price from japan !

    By the way, you are notified about the final shipping price
    after it is sent right?

    Thanks again !

    • Kaizora says:

      Hi Nikkei,

      You’re welcome. I’m glad it helped. Yes, you will get notified of the final shipping price when they ship it. Since they charge you exact, they will know only after they weigh your package to ship it out. You can estimate about how much they would charge you though. I believe, LeBoku mentioned above this post about shipping weight/estimation.

      • Kenzo says:

        again, i really apreciate your guide, it has been quite usefull !
        i will recommend this to my family and friends :D

  13. ayumu says:

    Thanks for the guide, it’s really useful. Some questions – can I pay there by PayPal? I don’t have a credit card and don’t want to have one, so I just want to be sure that I’ll be able to pay. If I won’t, where else can I buy books that can be shipped as “Printed Matter”?

    • Kaizora says:

      Glad it’s been helpful to you. Unfortunately, Paypal is not an accepted payment at honto. If you have a debit card instead of a credit card, I believe that works too. You can refer to this page to see other places I recommend for buying Japanese manga.

      As far as I know, only honto ships books as “Printed Matter,” which is why they are a popular choice. YesAsia and Kinokuniya are okay alternatives if you can’t use honto. YesAsia offers free international shipping over $39, and Kinokuniya, is a flat rate shipping. Past $100? (in the US) = free shipping. Not a large variety of books at either retailers, but might work.
      manga a
      I know YesAsia takes Paypal, but not Kinokuniya. The other option is CDJapan, which has a large variety of manga, but the cheapest shipping option is SAL. Hope this helps.

  14. Ancurio says:

    Hi! I would like to send you my warmest gratitude.
    I’ve recently become obsessed with the anime adaptation of a pretty popular series, and liking light novels myself, I decided to dive even further into that world.
    I live in Germany, and conveniently, the city with most the Japanese citizens in the country is right around the corner. “Great!,” I thought, “that will serve as the perfect gateway”. Send them a request.. and turns out, they charge more than double the Japanese price for each volume. Ouch..
    So, my next best bet was Amazon, as I also love the German version with its almost nonexistent shipping fees, and had I not read the small print about each item carrying a special handling charge, that’s probably what I would have gone with. Thank deity I noticed after all.. (They didn’t have some of the books in stock as well by the way).

    Then I remembered YesAsia. They’re pretty okay. If it’s true that they don’t charge for shipping above 45€, I think they would be a great choice. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the first as well as the latest book in the series. No, it wasn’t out of stock, it literally said “this item is out of print and will not come back”. Wtf? The latest book isn’t even half a year old..

    So, after some random googling, I finally read about bk1 somewhere. Went to their website, noticed it redirected me to honto.jp instead, but looked around nevertheless. It was absolutely awesome! Every single book in stock, and transparent shipping by public means and prices. Then I noticed I couldn’t enter a western address and freaked out a little. Bit of googling then lead me to this dreadful forum post I think someone already linked in the comments, about how bk1 and honto merged and planned to drive out all foreign customers. I was really terrified, because this site looked so perfect, and the merge had only happened half a year ago.

    Thank dear deity I finally found your blogpost even though I had already given up! ^^
    I chose to go with sea mail because that’s what I’ve used twice in the past already to get some personal stuff moved, and obviously for the price point. Because I wanted to hit below 2kg, I just went with 8 instead of 10 books for now.

    In the end, for those 8 books:
    With my local merchant, I would have paid about 130€. (Secure and fast)
    With Amazon, I would have paid about 100€. (Secure and very fast)
    With YesAsia, it would have been about 80€. (I assume secure and fast)
    And now with honto.jp, I just paid 65€. (None of the above, but I trust them ships! :D)

    It would be interesting to hear what options other people in western Europe have chosen.
    Personally, the best frickin’ thing that could possibly happen to you is having some friends over there who could just casually walk into a BOOK OFF, buy you stuff for half the price, and send it with anything you like.

    So, thanks again for saving my day. I really hope that in the distant feature, it will be possible to get any goods from anywhere to anywhere as easily as you can get information on the net these days.

  15. Dino says:

    I have one question.
    Honto is asking for my name in hiragana.Don’t know what to do?
    Help me….Pleaseeeeeee……

    • Kaizora says:

      I believe it doesn’t matter what you put as a hiragana name, because when you enter your address, they will still ask for your full name. I think the hiragana name is only for welcoming you on the home page when you sign in and on the user profile stuff. When they deliver, they will only use the information you enter into the address book.

    • Daniel says:

      I just put my kanji name as ダニエルフォーソン and my hiragana name as だにえるふぉーそん.
      I think I’ve tried signing up for a site where that didn’t work before, but it worked here.

      • Kaizora says:

        I think some Japanese sites won’t take katakana as a kanji name. I know that when I was in Japan, I had to enter my Chinese name to register for some sites :/…

  16. Dino says:

    Because my name was very rare(doesn’t exist in hiragana or kanji).
    But I put some litlle similar name in hiragana so it was o-key.
    But I have a new question–where to post the name of my town(post code)on adress page.

    • Kaizora says:

      It’s okay to make the hiragana name up. They’re not really going to use it for official purposes besides emailing you and addressing you with that name probably.

      Um…I’m not sure which country you’re from so I don’t know how you write your addresses, but a US address would look like this on honto’s registration page: http://i.imgur.com/gHdja.jpg (source: http://japanzai.com/index.php?topic=2869.0)

      The postal code should be within the lines of Address 1/Address 2/Address 3.

  17. Dino says:

    I am from SERBIA(that’s in Europe),so in my country always come first name of the street and then the number.
    Then post code comes first that name of the town.
    What’s with a home1 on the adress page at the top of the example.

    • Kaizora says:

      Ohh. Interesting…
      The “home1” is the name you’d like to give for your address so that you can keep track of which address is which. For example, you could name it college, home, dorm, etc. Not particularly important if you are only receiving mail from one address.

      • Dino says:

        Thanks for your help.If I stumble upon another problem(I hope I can count on your advice how to solve it).Thanks again and sorry for big or small mistakes in my english(it’s not my native language).

  18. Ted says:

    Hi, I encountered a problem. I have a visa electron card, and for some reason there saying it isn’t valid. It works on every other site so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’m sure i’ve correctly put in the numbers and everything. Is it maybe because it isn’t a normal visa? Any help wouldbe great thanks.

    • Kaizora says:

      Hm… on the honto FAQ section, it just lists VISA as an acceptable payment, so I am unsure whether they actually accept VISA Electron. Has your VISA Electron card worked for other foreign stores as well, particularly Japanese stores? I know in Japan, they accept Visa Electron at ATMs, but perhaps honto doesn’t have an online system to evaluate whether you have the proper funds or not to accept the card…? The other possibility is that your credit card company is denying the foreign transaction.

      • Ted says:

        It works on yesasia and amazon.jp. So I suppose I’m gonna check with the company then. Thank you.

    • Daniel says:

      I have had it say my regular Visa was “invalid” before, too. This has happened twice. But I just did “change payment type” and re-entered my card and it worked. It even sent test transactions to my account both of those times. I guess it’s just a little buggy. So, moral of the story, just try again. It might work the second time.

      • Ted says:

        What do you mean ‘change payment type’? I’ve tried it numerous times, and for some reason it doesn’t recognize it.

      • Daniel says:

        Sounds like it’s not working. You probably already tried the same thing I did.

      • Kaizora says:

        Sorry for the late reply. Was on vacation for a bit.
        I made some screenshots about what Daniel means by “change payment type” in case you were not aware of how to do it. First, you go to “My Account” on the top right corner with the little blue My bubble next to it. Then, on the left side bar, there is a navigation that looks like this:


        Click on the circled red to go to your credit card information. It should bring you to this screen:


        Click on the circled red to change the information. If it’s empty here, there should still be an option for you to add credit card information, and that should bring you to the same screen as below:


        After you click on the green button, the next page is to confirm your information. Make sure it’s right and then hit the green button on that page and ideally, it should work.

  19. Ted says:

    Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m still quite confused why they don’t accept it. What I also noticed is on the right side, where the example for the credit card number is show there are only 15 numbers, while on my credit card I have 16. Now unless I made some really basic mistake that I have overlooked, I’m really not sure what to think about it. Anyway thank you.

    • Kaizora says:

      Lol. I didn’t even notice the example they gave. I think the example is just to show that the cc number is supposed to be entered consecutively, without spaces or slashes in between. My card on file works and shows 16 numbers.

      I’m not really sure what else to say other than…try another card :\. I really wonder why the system’s not working with your card. Perhaps they really don’t accept the VISA Electron card…

      • Ted says:

        Alright then, I guess I’m gonna have to use yes asia until I get a new one. Still, thanks for helping.

  20. Claire says:

    i just ordered some books on honto…..
    but i have a question. when is the best time to order books on honto?
    honto charges the cost of books on yen, but since i live in US, i can only pay on usd…so it is kinda related to exchange rate.. and the exchange rate is always changing…. i’ve heard that around 29 of each month, the exchange rate is pretty low….so i maybe have to pay more…..
    well, i just have some concern about the exchange rate….

    • Kaizora says:

      In regards to the exchange rate, it will always change and never stay the same. It’s hard to tell when the “best” time would ever be. I think that if you observe the exchange rate on a daily basis (if you’re into the stock market or something), then maybe you’d have an idea…but I don’t think there’s a set time frame when exchange rates would be better than before…

      The only timing advice I’d give is to not order during holiday seasons, because it will take MONTHS for your books to get anywhere. I’ve done it once in the late month of November and I didn’t even see them until the end of January…which, by then, I thought they were lost in the mail already. Thankfully, they were not. But in my experience, bk1/honto has never lost a single package of mine. They’re very good with packaging their books for international shipping, so absolutely no damage to my books either.

      • Claire says:

        oh, by the way, i checked my credit card account today, and i saw honto charges me 1 dollar twice, do you know why they charge me the 2 dollars?

      • Kaizora says:

        They “charge” the dollar is to make sure that there are funds available on your credit card (and to verify your information). Don’t worry though. The dollar is never really charged. It will remain pending and then drop itself within a few days. It also occurs whenever there is a change to your credit card information.

        It is also not uncommon for companies to do such a thing for online orders nowadays. It is simply for pre-authorization purposes.

      • Claire says:

        oh, i got it…. thx :)

  21. nanantingki says:

    Hi there:) First, thanks so, so much for this guide! It is incredibly useful:)

    I’m hope I’m not bothering:)
    I have a problem with the address, and I’m seeking for help.

    After I press the green button, everything is okay besides the ‘country’ option. Instead of going to next shep, it shows this:

    I’ve tried several times, and this is the message it shows every single time. Apart from not understanding what it means, I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong. Do you think you could help me out? If you could, I’d be grateful:)

    I kind of get the feeling it wont’ ship here, but then again I could be wrong.

    Thank you anyway:)

    • Kaizora says:

      You are very welcome :). I’m here to help so nope, you’re not bothering!

      The Japanese text is saying that you’ve duplicated your country name somewhere on the form and to please confirm the contents below.

      I think this happens when you type your country in the empty bar and selected it on the drop-down menu? Try taking away one of them and see if it works :).

      • nanantingki says:

        I actually managed to do it! You’re so great! Thank you so much!:)

        And thanks for all the info on the weight and shipping rate as well! Now all I have to do is choose the manga I want^^

      • Kaizora says:

        Glad it all worked out! Buy away!

  22. Gaby says:

    Thanks so much for this tutorial, it helped me a lot!

  23. Burny says:

    Looks like they don’t accept Visa Electron for some unknown reason. Oh well.

  24. Aira says:

    Can you give me an example of Card Number . I Just Need it in A Game to earn Money

    • Kaizora says:

      I’m not sure what you mean…? If you’re talking about the honto card number, you can just skip it. If you’re talking about the credit card number, then it’s a xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx format, but I’m pretty sure a fake card number will not work here, so…you’d have to borrow from a relative or get yourself a card.

  25. Chloe says:

    I know it’s been mentioned a few times before in the comments, but since I’m a huge worrier may I please confirm one thing to be overly-sure?

    The Shipping by SAL is definitely printed-matter, right? The only reason I wanted to confirm directly is because normal SAL to where I live seem to be 2,000 yen more according to the site than printed-matter. I’m probably just worrying too much, thank you for your time and sorry for the silly question!

    Thank you for such a great guide as well, it’s very very helpful!

    • Kaizora says:

      Yes. Worry not! Shipping is printed matter SAL as long as your order doesn’t consist of anything other than books. I mean, a huge reason why we all use honto is because they ship international with printed matter SAL, which is the cheapest shipping option for books to be shipped from Japan :).

      • Chloe says:

        Thank you so much for confirming my silly question~ I just placed my order, hopefully I did it right.
        Thank you so much again \o/

  26. Hiro says:

    First of all, thank you for this wonderful guide.
    I have just one question:
    – I didn’t find a place to put my postal code at all, is that okay?

    • Kaizora says:

      Hi Hiro,

      Glad this guide was of help. For your postal code, it should go under either “Address1,” “Address2,” or “Address3,” depending on the address format of your country. Address1, 2, and 3 actually means Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Address Line 3. So for example, a US address should be written in like this:
      Address1: 200 E MAIN ST
      Address2: PHOENIX AZ 85123

      Here’s a guide for address formatting that might be helpful: http://bitboost.com/ref/international-address-formats.html

      • Hiro says:

        Thank you for the quick answer :)
        Already changed the information, hope that everything get delivered.

  27. Serenial says:

    When you’re registering your address, what’s the difference between the お届け先名称 line and the address line 1? And do I just put my address as one big line? (for example street, city, state, zipcode)

    • Kaizora says:

      お届け先名称 is the name or label for that address. It’s just for your own reference. For example, if you have 2 addresses, one for college and one for home, you’d probably want to label the お届け先名称 as “College” and “Home” for each address.

  28. Serenial says:

    Also, for this part:

    “I might be missing a step here, but there is a section that asks how you would like the items to be shipped to you. All at once or separately. If you leave it at default, it would be all at once. That option should be 一括発送(予約も同梱). Pre-ordering will delay your entire order if you choose this option.”

    Could you add some screen shots with clearer directions? There are at least four different categories with different options, and your directions for this part confused me slightly/

    • Serenial says:

      Actually, you don’t have to add screenshots. If you can just explain to me what I’m supposed to pick for each box, that would be enough.

      • Kaizora says:

        Um…you mean this part?

        First option is the default as I mentioned, ship all at once. 2nd option is ship items separately (when ready).

        Are you talking about the shipping methods?

      • Kaizora says:

        The other options:
        other options

        Some information on shipping methods can be found on honto’s FAQ here. They give you the days it takes approximately for each method. EMS, Surface mail, Airmail, and SAL shipping fees can be found here.

      • Serenial says:

        Yes, for the shipping methods, which one do you recommend?

      • Kaizora says:

        I would recommend economy SAL, as it is affordable and the books will come in 2-3 weeks. If you want the cheapest option, that would be option 6, Surface Mail, which ships your books by sea and that would take 2-3 months. Air mail is in between economy SAL and surface mail. It takes 8-10 days, but the price for time is not worth it IMO.

        If you are looking for speed and don’t care about cost, then EMS is fastest and most reliable international option.

        I’ve never had a case where the Japan post lost my package so all of the methods I would say are reliable and honto/bk1 does an excellent job packaging. None of your books would come damaged.

  29. hakeruchan says:

    Found your blog when I was searching for infor about Honto and credit card problems! My problem is kinda weird, because I made a purchase on january and everything went well, the book arrived and all.
    But when I tried to buy something last week, my credit card wasn’t accepted. I tried to register it again, but the message says it isn’t a valid number! It was so sudden… and it’s a “normal” Visa one, not Electron… what could I do? :/

    • Kaizora says:

      That is strange… the only thing I can think of is maybe your credit card company denied the transaction. When you add the credit card to honto, honto tries to charge $1.00 or .99 cents to check that your credit card company will accept their transaction first before it would successfully register. Can you check with your credit card company?

      I know when I put multiple foreign transactions on my card, or sometimes, I make a random foreign purchase of higher amounts of $$, my credit card company freaks out a little and freezes the transaction or card, and calls me to confirm the order.

      • hakeruchan says:

        I didn’t make any foreign high amount of $$ last days, and this CC have a good limit of credit… It’s really strange because it seems a Honto problem, because it’s the store that says my credit card is invalid! And even more strange because it was so sudden, no email abou some problem with credit card, no warning, just one day I bought and the next day I couldn’t buy anything :(

      • Kaizora says:

        That is a bit strange. But honto doesn’t randomly check for your credit card’s validity because, as I said before, they have to temporarily put a charge of $1.00 when you add the card or place an order. If this charge cannot be placed on the credit card, then that means your credit card company is denying the payment. It’s not honto’s fault here. Your credit card is not allowing the foreign transaction for whatever reason… It’s not rare for credit card companies to deny foreign transactions either because they are afraid of fraud. That is why when you go out of the country and you plan on using the credit card, you’re supposed to call them to tell them so that your transactions won’t be blocked. I think calling your credit card company or using another credit card is probably the best bet.

      • hakeruchan says:

        I’ll wait a little more, if the problem doesn’t solve, I’ll call my credit card company… thanks so much anyway for the help and congrats about the post, it’s so useful :)

  30. Serenial says:

    For the 配送サービス指定 part, the only option I get is 宅配便指定. It doesn’t show a drop down box either.

  31. Chloe says:

    Sorry, I have a question X)
    I’ve been addicted or ordering from Honto but have just been sticking to books/artbooks. I’d like to get some magazines but I have a question about that:

    If the Magazine comes with a free gift that isn’t a printed material can it still be sent by printed matter? Some of the Magazines I would like come with stuff like a free figure, free bags/pouches, a t-shirt, stationary etc etc.

    I’m worried whether or not this can still be printed matter.

    Thank you for your time TToTT

    • Kaizora says:

      Hi Chloe,

      I’m sorry this response is late. I actually do not know the answer to this… I’ve gotten a magazine from honto before, but it did not have any extras that were not printed matter, so I am not aware of what they do to shipments that include those extras. As far as I know, magazines are shrink-wrapped with the extras, so shipping them separately would not be an option. It is either they will ship it as printed matter, or they will ship it with regular SAL. I can try to look into it some more and see if I find any more information about it, but if you don’t hear from me, then I probably couldn’t find the answer :\. If you do find out though, do post back and I can update this post about it :).

      • Chloe says:

        No problem!

        Thank you so much for your answer, don’t worry about going to trouble to find out, I don’t want to be a bother. I’ll defiantly post back if I order something and update on what shipping method they used.

        Looking again on my countries customs page and from my understanding it says that magazines with free gifts can apply for printed matter but it depends on the people who ship it.

        I already have a lot of orders from Honto to come, so I can’t do it now but when my pre-orders are shipped i’ll have about 1000 points I can use to pay for a magazine.. I might take pot luck with one and report back here if/when I do with what happened.

        Thanks again!

  32. Chloe says:

    I’m so sorry I have yet another question, sorry for being so annoying!

    Honto sent me an email telling me I have 300 Campaign points and that they’ll expire soon.

    It has my normal points balance then underneath it says (期間限定ポイント 300 ポイント を含む)
    and then a little further down it says 最も近い有効期限日:2013年05月31日(300ポイント)

    But when checking out it only shows my normal points balance and I have no idea on how to use these. You might not know.. but just in case I thought I’d ask.

    Thanks for your time once more!

    • Kaizora says:

      Hm…I think when you checkout, it will automatically use the expiring
      points within your normal balance. The part that says “期間限定ポイント 300
      ポイント を含む” means it contains your 300 points. The line that says
      “最も近い有効期限日:2013年05月31日(300ポイント)” means that the closest expiring date
      is 5-31-2013 and the parentheses indicates how many points will be

      Hope that helps.

  33. Duamer says:

    How do I deal with the “Phonetic” field? I tried my name and reversing the order.

    Here’s what I’m asking about:
    i.imgur (dot) com/BBkgUSS.png

    • Kaizora says:

      Hm… the “Phonetic” field you are talking about is actually asking for your furigana (hiragana) name. I believe it doesn’t really matter what you type here in hiragana because I think they print your name on the package and the hiragana that you fill in is just in case that have to call you or refer to you (so they know how to say your name).

      You can try something like this if you can’t type hiragana on your computer and just copy and paste it in; but the problem is you have to know your name in romaji. If you type in any weird characters that are not sounds of the Japanese alphabet, then it will just highlight it in red. You can simply take it out if it doesn’t matter to you.

      Link: http://kanjidict.stc.cx/hiragana.php

  34. Mika Chan says:

    Hi, I placed an order a week ago for 2 books: 1 that is already in stock, and the other to be released today. I chose the bulk shipping option in the hopes that I will be charged a cheaper shipping fee. =D In any case, how will I know if both of my books are already dispatched? Thanks! :)

    • Kaizora says:

      They will send you an email when your order has shipped out. Most merchandise will have a time frame of how long it would take for that item to ship out (if you order now). You can find it on the product page, where it says “発送可能日”, followed by a green label that will say either “24時間,” “1~3日,” etc. But since you placed a preorder, the label should have said, “予約可,” which just means it’s possible to preoder it. I’ve never had to wait that long of a time for them to ship though, so worry not! It’ll be out probably within the next 24-48 hours, unless your pre-ordered book was really popular.

      If you want to manually check for the order status, on your “My Page” (click on the top-right corner where the little blue “My” bubble is), and you will get this sidebar on the bottom left side:
      order status
      Click on the orange boxed out text that says “ご注文・ご購入履歴.” It will bring you to your orders history page and if it is shipped, it will say something like, “[date] に出荷済,” which means shipped on [date].

      Hope that helps.

  35. Mika Chan says:

    thanks for your reply. I’m just a bit worried because I received this mail from honto.jp : http://www.flickr.com/photos/95221225@N02/8680851706/sizes/l/in/photostream/

    when I clicked the green button, it directed me to a page where I have to order that book again. I checked my credit card balance and that transaction I placed last week has not yet been charged, so I don’t know if the transaction pushed through. :( When I checked order status, it showed this : http://www.flickr.com/photos/95221225@N02/8680868932/in/photostream/

    there was still no charge for shipping so maybe it wasn’t shipped yet? per your experience with pre-orders, do you still have to place another order or do some confirmation of some sort with your previous order for the transaction to push through? sorry, this is my first time ordering so i’m green to this. thanks!

    • Kaizora says:

      If there is no charge for shipping, then it has not been shipped yet. Most likely they are still preparing your order. In the first image, the email is simply notifying you that the item is now in stock. I assume you signed up for some notification email for that item? It should have no relation with your order that you placed with that item though. Because the email shows you the same options as if you went to the product page (green button for adding to cart, mouse icon button for “easy checkout,” and the last option in blue text that lets you add the item to your wishlist).

      If you ordered the book already, I do not think you have to do anything about this email. If you checked the status and there is no change, then it’s likely still being prepared.

      • Mika Chan says:

        the e-mail came today saying the items were shipped! yey! shipping cost : ¥560. damn, i should have ordered more. :p anyways, thanks for your help!!! i was so anxious the other day that if not for your advice, i’d have placed another order. ^___^

      • Kaizora says:

        That’s great :). If you ordered more, they would just increase the shipping cost accordingly :x. You could try to calculate the shipping costs by estimating the book weight next time. I believe some people posted in the comments about their orders and their costs.

  36. zon says:

    about the ebook they’re selling how come there are so many version of the same book. or is it they’re selling it per chapter basis. ( i really cannot read japanese, i just like to buy them for collection.)

    • Kaizora says:

      From what I can tell, for ebooks, on every ebook page, it tells you what devices that that particular ebook is compatible with (in a chart). The full list is: PC, iPhone(including iPod touch), iPad / Android smartphone, Android tablet, but each ebook varies so check the ebook page to make sure it’s available for your device. The text in red on each ebook page above the chart basically says the same thing, “before you buy it, please confirm that the device you are using is compatible.”

      So to answer your question, they’re not selling it on a per chapter basis. It’s just telling you what devices are compatible with it.

      source: http://honto.jp/ebook/dlinfo

  37. Jen says:

    Hi, I ordered some manga from honto.jp almost two months ago using SAL, but they still haven’t arrived. I’ve heard of some honto packages being lost and coming much later but I’m worried. Has This happened to you before? What do you think I should do? Thanks for any help in advance!

    • Kaizora says:

      Hi Jen,

      The longest I’ve had to wait was about 2-3 months, I don’t remember the exact amount of weeks/months, but basically I ordered around mid November and was hoping I’d get around Christmas season, but it ended up getting delayed anyway. I believe it might have gotten lost on me, but it still managed to find its way to my house in February…so that was a relief. I’d say give it a little more time (giving the possibility of it being possibly lost). However, I’ve never had honto (or bk1) lose a shipment on me. They’re usually really good with shipments.

      EDIT: You can also check here to see if there are any shipment delays to your country.

      Best of luck!

  38. Brandon says:

    Hi, sorry if I’m being a bother with this question, but I recently ordered my first packages off Honto about a week ago and have a query about it. I ordered one item through SAL and one through EMS, since a lot of people seem to be split on which one is better, and as of the 9th, both my packages say 出荷済, shipping completed (?), or I may be misinterpreting the last Kanji. However, the EMS package allows me to track it, which is good, however, when I go to Japan Post to track it, it says Final Delivery – Collected at Counter… In Tokyo International. I may be misinterpreting Final Delivery, but I’m kinda worried that my package will never see the light of day again. I have double checked my shipping Address and it’s correct, and now I’m worried my SAL package may suffer the same fate. If it means anything, my EMS package was returned to sender, then it arrived at an “inward office of exchange” before it was retained for a few hours, then the “Final Delivery”

    Any help on the issue would be greatly appreciated

  39. Kaizora says:

    Hi Brandon,

    Let me try to make some things clear first. On honto’s side, since they are not in direct contact with Japan Post, nor do they track your order for you, the kanjis “出荷済” for shipping completed will be the most that they give you no matter what shipping method you choose, or what the shipping status is of the package. They do not check if it has been delivered or not, so “出荷済” has no relation with your package’s status at Japan Post.

    Now regarding the shipping statuses, “inward office of exchange” just meant it was going through customs at Tokyo International. I don’t think your package is stuck there though; because EMS is basically an international express postal service that connects one country’s postal service (in this case, Japan Post) to another (your local postal service). So what should be happening is that Japan Post is passing off your package to your local express postal service to deliver to you. “Final Delivery” could just mean it was being passed off at Tokyo International. If it is getting returned to the sender, it will say “To be returned to sender.” I’m not 100% sure, but since it is EMS, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you still don’t get the package within the estimated amount of days since shipping, then that’d be of concern. But if the shipping statuses suddenly drop for a few days, that wouldn’t be a surprise to me…since the mail is shipped with airplanes and must arrive at a postal office to get scanned in order for the statuses to come up.

    This link may be of help:

    • Brandon says:

      Hey, just as a follow up, my item was indeed returned to sender. I assume I’ll receive a refund shortly, but now I’m left to wonder why this happened. Maybe I screwed my address up? It seems a bit odd the way they ask you to enter it, but in the column for my name, I put my full name, Address 1 is my street name, Address 2 & 3 are left blank, I selected my country (Canada) from the drop down box and the box beside country I left blank, and for my phone number, I put in my phone number without hyphens. Anything painfully obvious I left out?

      Again, any help is greatly appreciated

      • Kaizora says:

        Hey Brandon,

        I’m surprised that happened. There’s nothing that stands out to me…
        What did the tracking say? And what country was it in last?

        I was wondering if it could be related to this:

      • Kaizora says:


        This person seems to have success shipping to Canada from honto.jp back in 2012…and he/she shipped with SAL.

      • Felix says:

        “in the column for my name, I put my full name, Address 1 is my street name, Address 2 & 3 are left blank, I selected my country (Canada) from the drop down box and the box beside country I left blank, and for my phone number, I put in my phone number without hyphens. Anything painfully obvious I left out?”

        Don’t know if I miss something or you just forget to mention it, but I don’t see your city/postal code in your list.
        Not that it matters much, almost two years later, I guess.

    • Brandon says:

      According to Japan Post, my item is still “Final Delivery- Collected at counter”. So my guess is it never left Japan. The email I received says the following:


      I am wondering however, since the address field never asked for my City, Province or Postal Code (Zip Code). I saw someone else comment about it, however, I dismissed it as the site never said it was required. Your posted previously that it should be written:

      Address1: 200 E MAIN ST
      Address2: PHOENIX AZ 85123

      Is this absolutely necessary? This is really the only thing I can think of that could be a reason why my package may not have shipped.

      • Kaizora says:

        Okay, yea, the email confirms that it was sent back from the center and they do not know the details as to why, but upon receiving the shipment, they’re going to cancel the order.

        To answer your question, yes, you do need to input your city, province and postal code… That is likely the reason why it was sent back… honto.jp themselves does not look up the address or check if it’s right or not. That is the responsibility of the consumer and so…what you write in those address fields directly translates to the address that will be printed onto the package. My other guess is that they are also not entirely familiar with how international shipments work (which is why they would say that they do not know the details of why it was sent back). They require only address 1…but if your address requires more, which in some countries, that is the case; then you should enter your full address to make sure there are no problems.

  40. ImperialX says:

    Thanks for the guide! I’ve successfully ordered from honto before but this time as I’m checking out and in the final steps, I keep getting the message クレジットカード情報が有効ではありません。

    The card I’m using definitely still works since I’m using it everywhere else. Do you have any idea as to what might be going on?

    • ImperialX says:

      Also, I’ve tried re-entering the card information as someone else had commented a few times…and it just doesn’t work. In fact I’ve had 0.01c charged on my card seven times now (once for each attempt I make). I don’t understand why it doesn’t let me proceed when the 0.01c has already been deducted from my balance…

      • Kaizora says:

        :) Glad the guide was of help.

        Hm…so this is a card you’ve used before on honto.jp but now suddenly doesn’t work? May I ask what kind of card it is?

        If the 0.01c charge is there, that would mean your credit card info itself isn’t wrong, but the credit card company is denying the transaction. The 0.01c will not be charged, it’s a pending transaction that would get dropped later. The issue is likely your credit card company, whom is denying the transaction despite being able to receive the request from honto. I’ve also had times where I ordered a lot of things over a short period of time from Japan, or another foreign country and my credit card company would get paranoid and start denying those transactions. In the end, I would have to call up my credit card company and confirm those transactions manually. Perhaps you should try contacting your credit card company? The fact that those 0.01c credit card “pings” are showing up in your CC account tells me that your credit card info is not wrong; so it’s definitely not you…

      • ImperialX says:

        This actually makes a lot of sense. Thank you very much for telling me! I will contact my bank and ask them about this.

      • ImperialX says:

        Also, the card is a MasterCard.

      • Kaizora says:

        No problem, keep me updated!

        And yea, Mastercard is an acceptable card at honto.

        Source: http://help.honto.jp/faq_detail.html?id=10062&page=1

  41. zon says:

    May i know if mastercard debit card works on honto?

    • Kaizora says:

      Hi zon,

      I’m not completely sure since I don’t know how that works. Someone here tried to add a VISA Electron card before and it seems to have not worked.
      Can you try adding your mastercard debit card to honto to see if it works? They will verify it when you add it in (right when you place your order). If it doesn’t work, it will give you an error message. Do post back and let me know what happens :).

  42. Yanelli says:

    Thanks for making this Guide :)
    My normal visa card was denied even though I saw 3 Different 1.00 pending purchases from honto that was to be supposed to be charged a few days later. Though they never did charge the 1.00. I’ve tried deleting my information of the card so I could put it in again to see if it would work like I’ve heard in the comments above but it says that it can’t be changed or erased until the order is complete. My card has worked in Cdjapan but I don’t know why they it will not work here.

    • Kaizora says:

      Hi Yanelli,

      The fact that the charges are there means your card is working, so do not worry about re-entering your information. If you cannot remove your information because the order is still in process, then that is also proof that things are completely fine. Honto charging the $1.00 does not mean that your order is “completed.” It only means that they’ve checked that your card works and that they could charge when your order is ready for shipment. honto takes a few days to prepare the shipment depending on what status your items were in when you ordered them. The green label within the shopping cart, or the item’s page should say how long it would take for them to prepare each item, for example, “24時間,” “1~3日,” etc (24 hours, 1-3 days, etc). Give them some time. They will not charge your order’s amount on your credit card until they have shipped it, that is their policy.

      • zon says:

        i getting the same problem. Mine already ready for shiiping and they sent me email that they cannot charge my card which doesnt make sense because everytime i place order my charge is charge twice (JPY1 for verification). They want me to add new card (which i dont have or the order will be cancel.

      • zon says:

        BTW i cannot delete and reenter my card because the option is not possible if you have item ready to ship. So most likely my order will be automatically cancel by them.

  43. Yanelli says:

    I placed my order about 4 days ago. Also all of the books say 24時間. I went to check my order history and it said that shipping is pending because there is no registration card available (something similar to that)

  44. mj31382 says:

    Hi, i want to ask how can i pay for the book? I registered the VISA debit card; shipping confirmation received and also received the point. But i could not find any option to pay the bill. It has since been 3 days but they haven’t deduct any money from my bank account.
    Do i need to click something else to pay or they directly get the money from the account?
    Thanks in advance.

    • mj31382 says:

      Um.. i am afraid that i need to pay else they wont ship the books and eventually the order get cancelled.

      • Kaizora says:

        Wait…you received a shipping confirmation, as in they shipped your books, right?

        If they did not ship the books yet, then you will not be billed. You will only be billed when they ship the books, because they need to calculate how much it would cost to ship you your books, add it to your total, and then they will charge you the full amount. honto takes a few days to prepare your order, so give it some time.

        If they did ship the books, then you will definitely be billed after. The charge may not come up immediately, but they will get your money; don’t worry.

      • mj31382 says:

        So the money will be deducted from my bank account directly? I thought i need to go to a certain page to pay the bill. Thanks you.

      • Kaizora says:

        No problem. If you used a visa debit card, the kind that’s connected to your bank account, then yes…it will be deducted directly from your bank. This is also assuming that it was verified already and the order successfully went through.

      • Kaizora says:

        Oh yea, since it’s the weekend, there is likely no one working there on the weekends and also the post office is closed. Your order should get shipped early this coming week.

      • mj31382 says:

        Hi, want to say thanks for the help and the article. It got processed today.

      • Kaizora says:

        Glad things worked out :)!

  45. asddsa says:


    So 5kg is the max amount that can be ordered from honto at a time with Printed Matter SAL? This would amount to about a 26-28 vol set, assuming the weight is 175g /vol, which is what the ones I have weigh. And what happens if this limit is exceeded, will the order be canceled, or will it be sent in multiple batches and an extra fee will be added?

    Thanks for the guide, already received one order successfully.

    • Kaizora says:

      Hm… I’m not exactly sure. I looked back at their FAQs and the page when you go into checkout for shipping method, and it seems that they don’t actually list the 5kg limit for people. They do say that if items will be shipped separately (perhaps for the “ship separately” option), the shipping will be split into another box and the shipping fees will be the actual cost of shipping both boxes (of course, this includes the packaging and the books). I would think that they will send it in multiple batches with the same shipping method that you’ve selected.

  46. Jam says:

    hi there, thanks for this guide! :) somehow I keep having problems in putting my name in the address area..I have two first names so in the registering part, I just used the first one because you said it doesn’t matter but when I put my complete name in the address, it keeps getting rejected, I even used the one I wrote in the registration part but to no avail. I also reversed my name starting with my surname, but it’s still rejected. Any help? thanks :D

  47. Anna says:

    Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to make this wonderful post. It’s extremely helpful for individuals like us who would like to buy books directly from Honto. Thank you very much. ;_;. By the way, I have one question, I hope you won’t mind. I tried buying some books in Honto today. Ordered twice separately. 5 books in the late afternoon and 1 book during the evening. So I was just wondering if they will most probably ship it altogether and charge for shipping as a whole. Or would they usually charge shipping separately made with separate orders? What do you think? Thank you so much in advance. : )

    • Kaizora says:

      I believe they will send it separately since it was two different orders. I’m not too sure about it, but unless honto contacts you about it, I would assume they would be shipped separately.

      • Anna says:

        Thank you so much for the speedy reply. I really appreciate it. So far, I was thinking of cancelling my Honto orders in order to get all my items in bulk and had this guide as reference:

        Unfortunately, mine doesn’t have the option to cancel anymore (which is unusual beacuse I only ordered this yesterday evening and it’s a Saturday) but it also doesn’t have a shipping date. Here is a picture for your convenience:

        Same goes with the other set of orders. I’m not really sure if it’s a mistake on my end or if the order has already been shipped (which I doubt beause I don’t have the points yet). I really apologize for all the trouble, I how you can provide me your thoughts on this one. Thank you.

      • Anna says:

        Just an update. I sent Honto an e-mail inquiry about the situation 8 hours ago and received a reply from them a few minutes back. They said they will be delivering the two separate orders separately because they had already packed the orders (which was really fast!). Hmmm… Well, they also said that next time we can try cancelling the orders asap (like a few mins or an hour or two after making the transaction) if we would like to have changes made to it. Well, lesson learned. Will keep this in mind from now on. Thank you so much for all your answers to all our question Kaizora. You have a great day. : )

      • Kaizora says:

        Yea. I just checked the FAQs about canceling orders and I found that there are 3 types of orders you cannot cancel.

        1) CD/DVD
        2) Situations of ‘出荷作業中’ or ‘出荷完了’ (shipment in process or shipment complete)
        3) Usage of film coat

        Sorry to hear they already shipped :(. Hope you have a great day too :)!

  48. Martin says:

    I don’t have words enough to thank you for this, I have been looking forward for a way to buy some light novels (Chrome shelled Regios). I don’t think I can buy anything soon, because I lack the credit card, but once I have it, I sure will. Once again, thanks a lot I really appreciate that you took the time to help others who were looking for a way to do this. You are a life saver! xD
    (English isn’t my main language so, sorry if you find some typos on this D: )

    • Kaizora says:

      :) You’re welcome. If you need any help, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try my best to find the answer for you. I’m really surprised at the feedback I’m getting for this guide. Definitely hoping to share the love of anime/manga to the outside world no matter where you’re from.

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  50. woods says:

    Thank you very much for this guide, it was a life-saver!

  51. Jam says:

    Thank you so much for the guide.. I finally made an order but I noticed that one manga is labelled as backorder or 入荷待ち…so the title is out of stock? I chose the bulk shipping via SAL so will my order be delayed?

    • Jam says:

      and also, I’m wondering why they haven’t charged my credit card even without the shipping fees first…Are the books needed to be shipped before charging the whole amount?thanks :D

      • Kaizora says:

        Yes, if you chose to ship everything together on the order page, it will most likely wait until that book comes in stock. I’ve only experienced once where the book I ordered got backordered and they emailed me saying that they would get stock within the next 7-21 days, but then it came within like 3 days and they shipped the order to me.

        To answer your second question, they will only charge your credit card after they ship. This is because they charge you the actual shipping costs of your order so yes, they will wait.

        Hope that helps :).

    • Jam says:

      I received an email from them and it says:


      商品名  :ダブルミンツ (EDGE COMIX)
      著者名  :中村 明日美子
      価格   :619円(税抜)
      数量   :1

      その旨の判明までに 1~3週間ほどお時間をいただく場合がございます。

      when I google translate this, does it mean I need to wait for 1-3 weeks? any help, thanks :D

  52. Yay. says:

    I ordered from honto, and they’ve supposedly shipped it out yesterday at 2 pm (Japan time). I’ve been provided with a 13 character document / contact / tracking number of some sort (with a few letters here and there), however, I tried tracking it, but Japan Post & Canada Post said it was an invalid number.

    Should this be worrisome, or should I hold out a bit longer because it’s only been 18 hours since I got the confirmation email? I chose EMS as the shipping method.

    I’m kind of a worrywart, haha.

    Thanks in advance, and thank you for this guide. :) Helped out a lot!

    • Kaizora says:

      Likely nothing to worry about, especially since it’s EMS… The tracking will probably show up after 24-48 hours :).

      And glad the guide helped :)!

      • Yay. says:

        Just an update:

        The tracking number worked after a bit over 24 hours. As of 16 hours ago, my books arrived in Canada and underwent the typical customs procedure. Don’t know where exactly it is right now, but I’ll probably be getting them soon! Thank you once again for your guide. :)

        In case you’re wondering, I ordered three volumes of Sougou Tovarisch (not sure if you’ve heard of it, but it’s yuri). :P

      • Kaizora says:

        Yay =D!

        EMS is extremely good service so I would have little doubt that they wouldn’t deliver ;).

        I haven’t read that one before, but sounds like something I could pick up next :). Hope you enjoy your books!

      • ICeNoAcH says:

        Well I’ve tried some things like changing the japanese postal zip code en adding a new adress of mine.
        Nothing seems to work.

        I’ve ordered two books and one CD so i’m positive it’s nothing illigal.
        When ordering from cdjapan i got the SAL shipping option and just went with that.

      • Kaizora says:

        Hm… can you try to take out the CD and go to the shipping page to see if the SAL option comes up? If that doesn’t work either, then it’s most likely something with your address/account info you’ve entered on honto.

      • ICeNoAcH says:


        Well I tried as you suggested to take out the CD in my basket and the SAL option popped up.
        Put back the CD in the basket and SAL option went away.

        Thanks for troubleshooting this together with me, one wise lesson learned!

      • Kaizora says:

        Aha! That is an interesting lesson indeed!

        I wonder if it’s because they only ship SAL exclusively for ‘Printed Material’ goods, or if they just separate the two kinds of products as different economy SALs…

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  54. ICeNoAcH says:

    First of all thanks a lot for the guide, it helped me a lot!
    Well this and google translate to double check everything ^_^

    I have only one problem right now, when i get here 配送サービスの選択 to fill in the shipping details I’ve only got two choices ..
    EMS and FedEx.
    Is there a reason why I can’t see the SAL option ?

    Can you help me out with this problem please.

  55. Jam says:

    hi can you please help me coordinate with honto? Its because they charged my card with another payment last August 5. The total price including shipping is 3923 yen so when they emailed me that, I expected that that is just the amount they are going to charge me. But I just discovered this weekend that they charged me amounting to around 3800 yen. I didnt know why they charged me that because I never ordered again. Im using a prepaid mastercard that needs to be reloaded in order to use it so I noticed I have a negative balance, I called my bank and they told me that Honto did a second transaction, which I didnt know. Please help me.thanks

    • Jam says:

      I also didnt receive any email informing about that second transaction. Im worried right now because of this. Need your help really. Thanks

    • Kaizora says:

      Hi Jam,

      Can you go to your order history to double-check your actual order amount first to see what your order total should be?
      Order history is located here:

      Also, can you check your credit card balance to make sure that both transactions are cleared and not pending?

      • Jam says:

        This is what I saw in my history. It’s only one transaction.

        When I called my bank,they told me that the second charge worth around 3800 yen is a floating transaction, it means that honto haven’t posted it yet to them so after 4 days, my bank can cancel it. But I’m still worried why did they charge me that amount and if they posted it, it will automatically deducted in my account. :(

      • Kaizora says:

        You should be okay. If honto’s charge isn’t posted, it probably won’t post b/c I don’t think honto is trying to charge you twice. It’s probably just an automated check to ensure that they did get the money and their system will automatically not go through with the charge once they confirm it. I think honto does a weird thing with charging credit cards, because there was once I didn’t get charged for the books after they shipped, but a few days later they charged me, and I think it’s just the way their system is implemented.

        If anything weird happens, then you still have your bank to fall back on so don’t worry. Your bank can do a chargeback for any transaction you’re not aware of.

  56. Isla says:

    Hello, thank you for the guide! It was helpful and very easy to follow.

    There’s just one problem I can’t bypass. About the honto card number, you said we could ignore anything below that, right? But when I tried to register earlier, it keeps asking me to input a number and I don’t know where to actually get it. There is also an additional option between the honto card area and the subscription options that asks for a pin code but that was easy enough to understand.

    Can we still register at honto.jp even without that card number? It’s not in the email they sent and it’s not a number you can input on a whim by using numbers you like. I know because I tried, LOL.

    Thank you in advance for any reply! And I hope I wasn’t bothering you.

    • Kaizora says:


      I’ve tried a new registration just now and it is not required. After you enter your email address and get taken to a registration form, the fields with the orange label 必須 is required while the ones without are not, so you should be able to ignore the card number and pin code.

      honto requirements

      Hope this helps and glad you liked my guide :).

      • Isla says:

        I was able to sign up, thank you! I think I misunderstood the pin code as an additional security feature and entered a number without entering any for the honto card. When I ignored both, it allowed me to create an account.

        Thanks a lot for the help and your reply!

      • Kaizora says:

        どういたしまして! (You’re welcome.)

  57. Fox in the Stars says:

    Thank you, this was very helpful!
    My own trick to get a Japanese postal code and phone number: if you have some Japanese books already, they always have a colophon in the back with the publisher’s contact info (the numbers following the T with a line over it are the postal code). It is naughtily amusing to think that if something goes wrong with my order, they might accidentally crank-call the distribution department at Kodansha or something… ^_^;

  58. Adam says:

    Thanks for the wonderful guide! It’s also awesome to know that you’re still keeping up with your page after these years.

    This “Surface Mail” on the Japan Post page is option 6 on the checkout page (by boat)? Also, I know it has been said that SAL delivers to the east coast of the US (i am east coast of Canada) in 10-14 days, and sea mail (option 6) takes 2-3 months, but then essentially a <2kg package will cost ~1000 yen more for SAL but a lot faster. Is that correct? Also have you ever experienced having to pay import duties or fees? I just dont want the delivery guy to come up to me and demand I pay a stupid amount of fees for "taxes".

    • Kaizora says:

      Hi Adam,

      To answer your question, yes, option #6 is “Surface Mail”, shipped by boat. “Surface Mail” is cheaper by ~1000 yen, but it is a lot slower (2-3 months) vs SAL’s 10-14 days. I would never recommend “Surface Mail” unless you really do not care when the books come, because it really does take months…

      I’m not sure about Canada import duties/fees since I live in the USA and never experienced import duties/fees before. These pages might help though:

      From what I’m reading, it doesn’t seem to apply to you. Since books are printed material, the GST and HST does not apply, but check on your region with the PST (Provincial sales tax)?

      Hope that helps and glad the guide helped :).

  59. Matt says:

    Hey just bought a few mangas without thinking (digital versions) but when I tried to get the app for my nexus 7 it says it isn’t available in my country! Is there any work around for this or am I just pretty much screwed? Seems like the honto app is the only way to view what I’ve bought >_<

    • Kaizora says:

      Hi Matt,

      I’m still looking into it. Technically speaking, there may be a way to get around to download and use the app, but it would be a troublesome process. You may have to use a proxy to get through the process; i’m just speculating here. But before that, let me ask you.

      Is there a web reader you could possibly read the manga from? According to this thread, a person mentioned that there’s a web reader (although unstable) to read the ebooks. Can you see if there’s any link in your order history or the download list?

  60. Isla says:

    Hi sorry about another question. I just wanted to ask whether honto accepts debit cards? It has the mastercard logo but it’s still a debit card. I wasn’t sure because the discussions up top seem to all be talking about credit cards. Thanks for the help!

  61. tart says:

    I’m having a problem entering my credit card information.

    It says to put ‘-‘ in between each 4 numbers, but there isn’t enough space in the checkout page. So I went to ‘My Account,’ and tried entering it manually, but it still says my credit card is not valid. I am not a new customer to bk1, in which I made 1 or 2 previous purchases before on a different card, but had to delete the card due to expiry date. Why isn’t honto accepting the format I’m entering for both my VISA and Mastercards?

    • Kaizora says:

      Not sure where you found that, but in the example, there are no dashes. Also, all of my cards register fine without dashes, so please remove the dashes and try again.

      • tart says:

        I found it via clicking ‘クレジットカード情報’ under the part where you enter your number.

        But I don’t know why it asked that. When I tried again later without dashes, I was able to register my credit card just fine again haha.

        But thank you for your reply!

  62. justasking says:

    Hi! I’m so greatful for your guide! I’ve learning Japanese for a while now and I’d like to order some Japanese books or magazines that’ll help me improve. But I read on another site that honto do not allow anymore worldwide shipping to post-merger registered users. Is that true?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Kaizora says:

      No, not true. I’m not sure where people are reading that from…but someone else did ask the same question and I believe they purchased fine. The only difference between the current registration and the previous registration is that they require a Japanese postal code/phone number when you purchase, which you can use your best buddy Google for :).

      Also, I’m pretty sure a lot of people who’ve used my guide here are newly registered users and they’ve had no problems registering/ordering.

      • justasking says:

        Thank you! Well, I thought so, since many people here seem to be new users, but I wanted to be sure. Thank you again :)

  63. Jam says:

    Hello,so it’s been a month already and I haven’t received my orders yet via SAL and I’m really worried that it may be forever lost ;( Does SAL has a tracking number?I went back to the email they sent me and I found this:

    お届け方法 :エコノミー航空郵便(SAL)

    Is the numbers for tracking? Or just a reference number?

    • Kaizora says:

      It should be there soon. The 2-3 weeks is not a guarantee, since international shipping can be unpredictable sometimes. There aren’t any holidays that would clog up shipments so if anything, it could be customs or just plain shipment lag.

      SAL does not have a tracking number. The number they gave you is a reference number in case you would have to contact them.

  64. Hey first off just wanted to thank you for this amazing guide! :D

    That said i think i got a little too excited for my first time ordering and whether it’s due to their website or some error on my part they seem to have sent the order twice. I ordered 4 books on the 22/9 and despite my best efforts got the usual credit card (debit mastercard) issues so i used a normal visa debit card instead.

    Everything looked fine until about 5 days ago (the books were shipped on 24/9) where it all of a sudden charged both the mastercard and debit card and sent the order twice. Up until this point i checked the website regularly and only one copy of each book was confirmed for order. I went over to the customer service/feedback section and tried to describe the issue in english and basic jap but i could really use some advice at this point…

    Is there a number i can call to explain the issue or is the link i posted the only way to fix things? And will they refund the money if i send the books back? I’m so lost :(

    • Kaizora says:

      Hi Hunaiza,

      Can you confirm that there is indeed two orders in your order history page?

      To get to your order history from the sidebar:

      If yes, have both duplicate orders been shipped? And have both payments cleared? (money has been taken out, not in “pending” status)

      Judging from the link you just sent me, it says that unless the items arrived damaged or dirty, they do not accept returns/refunds. But perhaps there is some mistake in the system. I also don’t think they understand English all that much so calling them might not help at all.

  65. Jackie says:

    Thank you so much for writing this! I’m very relieved to see you are still responding to the comments on this post. Your post AND comment responses have been VERY helpful. I just wanted to know, how can you tell whether you’re buying a book or an ebook?

    • Kaizora says:

      Hi Jackie,

      I’m glad it’s been helpful to you! I definitely did not expect my guide to be so popular, haha.

      In reply to your question, ebooks will be marked with this label on the left side of the product image:
      eBook Label

      For example:
      eBooks Labeling Example

      Also, the buying options/panel on the product page will look a bit different for an eBook, like this:
      eBook Buy Options

      Hope this helps!

  66. megumiii says:

    Hi! First of all, I’m truly grateful for this guide. I’m just wondering though, is it possible to subscribe to monthly manga magazines (Ribon) via honto.jp? How does it work? I tried checking out and it seems I’m just being charged for the present issue, unlike cdjapan. Help would be highly appreciated. :)

    • megumiii says:

      Also, do you know where I can possibly get back issues / previous volumes of Ribon magazine online? Thanks in advance!

      • Kaizora says:

        I’m not sure I know of any online resources for previous volumes of Ribon. If you can go local, you might have better luck since previous volumes of magazines don’t really sell well unless it’s a special volume…

        Some local options for previous volumes of magazines would be Kinokuniya and BookOff (only in US/France/Japan).

        Best of luck!

    • Kaizora says:

      If I remember correctly, they had a notice of some sort about getting rid of subscriptions a while back so I think now you can only purchase the magazines as they come out. I’m not 100% sure about this, but I have looked through their website for a subscription option and there does not seem to be any.

  67. winnie says:

    Firstly, I want to thank you for making this wonderful guide :)
    My question is how do preorders/ reservations work. Would I be able to add other items to the order with the pre-order (idk if that makes sense…). And where would I view any pre-orders I make on my page?
    Also, what is the latest SAL shipping normally takes? I’ve ordered several times from honto already and my orders normally arrive in two-three weeks (five has been the latest). However, it’s already been seven weeks since my last order was shipped and I’m scared it’s been lost or something.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Kaizora says:

      Hi winnie,

      You are very welcome :).
      For pre-orders, you can add other items to the order, but if you choose to ship all your items in one shipment (this is default option), it would hold off the shipment until your pre-order is ready. You can also choose to ship everything separately, which, then it wouldn’t matter whether you order together or separately, and of course, this option costs more shipping $$. The options should be available during checkout.

      As for your second question, if it’s near a holiday, it could take a few months. But normally for me, 2-3 weeks. Longest I’ve had was probably 2-3 months during Christmas season (I ordered a month+ before Christmas). I’d say don’t worry about it too much; watch some new fall season anime and before you know it, it’ll show up :). It could be still at customs.

  68. megumiii says:

    Finally placed my order with honto.jp last 14th! Bought Atashinçhi (Volume 1) 854円 (which would take 1-3 days), Yotsubato (Volume 1) 600円 (readily available), and Ribon manga magazine (November 2013 issue) 505円 (readily available). Total of 1,959円 (excluding shipping fee). Based on Amazon, Atashinchi is roughly 250g, and Yotsubato 200g. As for Ribon magazine, it’s not listed so I just assumed it to be 300g max. With those digits, shipping is supposed to be only 720円 for 800g via SAL (printed matter). So I was actually surprised to receive an email saying that my order has just been shipped today, and I was charged 1,440円 for the shipping of the 3 items, with my updated total is now 3,399円.

    Have you ever ordered a magazine from honto,jp? I was really baffled at the shipping cost. If I knew it to cost that much, I should have ordered more manga. I opted for SAL, by the way, and the shipping is to Philippines (South East Asia). I hope you can enlighten me with this. >_<

    • Kaizora says:

      Congrats on your order!
      Ah. Japanese magazines are quite heavy…definitely not 300g. CD Japan estimates them to be around 800-1200g according to their chart. I would also factor in the weight of shipping materials. They put in quite a number of (light) packaging materials to secure your package for overseas shipping and that would be an extra ~150g. Hope that clears things up.

      I personally do not order magazines internationally because of the costs; but only if there is a cover that I really want . I think that if you’re looking for magazines, local Japanese bookstores would be best, although I do not know if there are any in your area, and even local bookstores would add in the shipping/importation fees to the retail price so it’s generally a pricey purchase.

      • megumiii says:

        Ohh.. so that’s why! Thank you so much for the speedy reply, and also for clearing things up! Really appreciate it a lot. Never had any idea that magazines actually weigh that much. :) Actually, there are no Japanese bookstores in our country so internet is my only resort for Japanese goodies. I’m also looking for a Japanese online store selling authentic figmas and such (I don’t really trust local sellers and shops because they usually pass bootlegs as the real deal), so if you know a site, please let me know! :) Anyway, can’t wait to receive my parcel. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be getting the loot before Halloween.

      • Kaizora says:


        For figmas and such, AmiAmi would be your friend in that department :). I also have a list of online shops that might be of interest to you in this post. Best of luck!

  69. megumiii says:

    It’s almost 3 weeks since my honto.jp orders were shipped (October 16) and I have yet to receive the parcel. I’m really starting to get worried. If it only takes 10-14 days to the east coast of the US, it should arrive faster in my case since I’m only in the Philippines. Sigh. :( Is there any way I can contact honto.jp regarding my parcel?

    • Kaizora says:

      Hi megumii,

      Unfortunately, if you chose the cheaper shipping options (SAL/Airmail), there’s no tracking available for purchase on honto so once it ships, it is out of their control. There’s no way to track it and honto is not responsible at that point; Japan post would be… Or if they handed off to your local carrier, your local carrier would be responsible but since there’s no insurance or tracking on the package, there’s nothing they can do either.

      If you bought from cdjapan or another shop, I believe registered mail is an option. Costs a few more dollars but you can track and keep your mind at ease.

      In any case, I don’t think they lost your package since Japan post is quite excellent in their services. From my experience, they’ve never lost a single of my packages and the longest one, due to Holiday season took about 3-4 months.

  70. megumiii says:

    Finally received my honto.jp orders! It was delivered straight at my doorstep and I wasn’t charged with any additional customs fees. I’m really, really pleased with the sturdy packaging. My mangas arrived safe and sound after a tumultuous ride. They were placed in a box and secured with stuffing that served as cushion. I’m extremely grateful to the box and the stuffing cause the parcel arrived to me with tell-tale signs of rat chewing the 2 edges of the box and was able to make it inside. Thankfully, it never got to reach my books otherwise I don’t know how I’m supposed to react to that. Can’t wait to order again! :)

    Lastly, a huge thank you to kaizora.wordpress.com ! :)

    • Kaizora says:

      I’m glad it all worked out! Seems like it took a little more than a month, but I’m glad it got there safe and sound! The one thing I do love about honto.jp is their packaging! They do not skimp on it and take it very seriously.

      Oh man, all your orders are making me want to order again lol. But it’s too close to the holidays for me to risk an SAL order :(.

  71. alex says:

    I know you can take out items from orders before they’ve shipped but do you know whether you can add items to an existing order? For example, I’ve pre-ordered a couple books that will be released later in December and I would like to add an item to that order. Would I be able to?
    Thanks in advance and thank you so much for making this guide :)

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  73. Samson says:

    just wanna say ありがとう!国際配送の値段はものすごく安い!信じられない :0
    ordered 10 mangas, wow! SAL shipping fee is only 2080 yen to Canada. woohoo! gonna order more yaoi for party time! Thanks again!

  74. detrimont says:

    Just want to say thankyou!!!!
    i’ve been looking around for awhile to find some manga volumes that were OOP on most other sites that are easy to work with, but then found them on honto, but i couldn’t figure out how to work the site. so thankyou for putting up this guide :D

  75. y0kan says:

    Reblogged this on y0kan's Blog.

  76. Jenn says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog, and then this guide especially. Thank you so very much!

    I was about to place an order with Kinokuniya’s online store, thank goodness I didn’t. Especially when the few books I wanted most were out of stock, apparently.

    This is my first international order placed so I’ve been on the edge, but crossing my fingers that all goes well. No card denials or problems encountered throughout the process!

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  78. lilin08 says:

    It’s me again. I was wondering if the SAL option is a registered SAL?

    • Kaizora says:

      SAL is not register SAL on honto.jp; there is no registered SAL option, I believe…

    • lilin08 says:

      Hello! I backread and I saw the answered to my question. Too bad that they don’t have registered option. I’m going to order 3 Kanzenban as a trial. I hope my parcel will not get lost though. I saw that one of the commentors was from Philippines as well. I hope it won’t take long to reach our shores.

      • Kaizora says:

        I don’t think anyone has lost their package yet, but sometimes, it takes looooong, because of customs I think. My last package came within 2 weeks (I’m from the US). Good luck!

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  80. xxlilin08xx says:

    Hello! Got a confirmation email from honto two days ago that my Kanzenban has been shipped. Currently waiting for it patiently. I was charged 880 yen for 2 Kanzenban. Thank you for the guide. :D

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  82. Hi, when I was googling ‘buy used japanese manga’, this site appeared. I just finished creating my honto account. Now this will be my first buy. I’m excited. Thanks for making this guide so simple to follow. I have one question, how do I find the weight of the books? I’m planning to buy 5 volumes of Yotsubato! but wanna make sure I cover the whole weight for the rate. Thank you again!

    • Also I forgot to mention, which one do you recommend: SAL o surface mail? ありがとうございます

    • Kaizora says:

      Glad the guide’s been helpful. For shipping weight, these comments could help:

      I tried searching Yotsubato on Stack Stock Books, but didn’t find a match. I’m not sure what size your books are, so can’t give you an exact estimate. Shipping weight is +- 150g of shipping weight. You can check the rate chart here: http://www.post.japanpost.jp/english/fee/intel/sal.html

      As for your last comment, it depends on what you prioritize more (time, or money). For the price you pay for SAL, you get it much faster (2 weeks to a month-ish depending on your location/customs) than surface mail which could take months. Most people just opt for SAL because it’s the middle ground between EMS and Surface Mail, so it’s up to you.


      • Thanks for your quick reply. Looking through the comments I saw Yotsubato is 200g, but looking closely in the description of the item in honto its 19cm and searching they tell me that it’s approximately 220g so:
        5 x 220g = 1100g + 150g (shipping weight) = 1250g. According to the page you provided it’ll be no more than 1,640yen (using SAL method) if my maths are correct xD. Can’t wait to read them as they say it’s a great tool for beginners in the language.
        ありがとう :)

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  84. Alekzander says:

    I hadn’t seen much info on certain parts about ordering itself. So I decided to make this post for those who might’ve been seeking the same information I was unable to find. I live in USA, EST time zone.

    In the format of YYYY/MM/DD:
    2014/05/16 – Made an account

    2014/05/17 – Placed order on http://honto.jp/netstore/pd-book_03503332.html
    Delivery Method: SAL

    2014/05/20 – Total price given: 686円+ 480円 (item subtotal) + (shipping)
    +6 Points gained.

    2014/05/23 – Bank charged $11.51 + $0.34 (item cost in Dollars) + (international processing fee from the bank)
    I assume this is when the item was shipped.

    2014/06/05 – Package Arrives with regular mail truck. (Not UPS/FedEx)
    See imgur link below for packaging details.

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  87. Simply wish to say your article is as surprising. The clearness for your post iss simply great and i can assume you
    are knowledgeable in this subject. Fine together with your permission let me to snatch your feed to stay updated with impending post.
    Thank you onee million and please keep up the gratifying work.

  88. Lisha says:

    i’m wondering if i could change shipping formats from EMS to SAL if the item hasn’t been shipped yet?

  89. chelly says:

    Not sure if you could help but i’ll be grateful if someone could.. :’)
    I’ve ordered from honto 3 times using surface mail before and they’ve all come in approx a month but I have one that has never come(it’s been three months) and one that’s coming now but it’s already been two weeks since one month has passed …and apparently those two orders I used a different credit card than the one’s that have already come and i’m really worried now…

    • chelly says:

      wait nvm i got the one package :’) the other one is prob lost (the 3month one)…so OTL

      • Kaizora says:

        Aw… It might have been the lucky package that is caught in customs…! Don’t lose hope yet. I’ve yet to lose a package from honto when all I use are SAL and in some cases, sea mail… The longest was like 3 months though, and one of my packages ordered after that one came before that one lol. It’s a test of patience! Keep us updated.

  90. whitehope says:

    Thanks for the guide, it’s been really helpful!
    I was just wondering, if you cancel one of the books from an order, how long does it take for the price change to register? I cancelled a book from an order yesterday, however the price has not been deducted?

    • Kaizora says:

      I’m not entirely sure; but I assume that the price they’ve deducted you for would drop if it’s pending on your card and when they ship, they’d bill you the correct amount. If the price still doesn’t adjust properly when it’s shipped, then it would be best to email them. From my knowledge, they reply even if your email is written in English, but they would write back to you in Japanese. If you need help with reading the email, I’d be glad to help. I’m sure they’ll sort things out before that happens though :).

  91. Serenity says:

    Hey there, was wondering, is it possible to add more books to an order you’ve made that hasn’t been shipped out yet (waiting on other books to become available) and if yes, how?

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  93. Leyla says:

    Ah! Kaizora-sama!! ……..OTZ
    I’m here to ask few things ’bout the shipping!
    *With the intent to achieve the “Paper Matter” requirements*

    Would they mark EMS orders as Paper Matter?
    Does it have to be SAL?
    I’ve read up there that it has somethin’ to do w/ the 2kg thingy~
    w8, EMS IS limited to 2kg, but would they mark it as Paper Matter, I ask cuz there’s no example in the comments.
    But it seems your really trust their SAL shipping. hmmm…
    I DO want to save, but I’ve rarely used anything but EMS cuz I’m too scared~~~ :(
    *Leyla is debuffed to ‘Confused’*

    O’ Revered Kaizora-sama, I thank you in advance!!!!!!

    • Kaizora says:

      Lol. Sure thing. So it looks like honto links you to this EMS page that shows you a chart with all the prices according to weight: http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/charge/list/ems_all.html

      From what I gather, I don’t think EMS is available for Printed Matter goods (see: http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/service/printed_matter_en.html). I don’t see it listed and there is also a page here where you can check the size/weight limits according to your country for EMS: http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/ems/size/index_en.html. The 2kg limit would only apply to SAL marked as Printed Matter.

      Hope this helps!

      • Leyla says:

        Thank you very much!
        It seems that Air, SAL, and Surface are the only ones that could ship ‘Printed Matters’.
        Ah, would you recommend honto’s Airmail?
        Does it really ship a lot faster than SAL? Is it worth the little bit increase in price?

        Again, thanks in advance!

      • Kaizora says:

        I’ve done Airmail before at different Japanese online shops and they’ve came within a week. I’d say it’s at least a week or two faster than SAL, but the cost is also considerably higher. I generally recommend SAL because it’s cheap and you definitely get your items, but it does take a longer time. I usually get things in two weeks, longest was probably 2 months, but that’s pretty rare. I would say if you’re not in a rush to go SAL, but if you are anxious about the order, then EMS is the most secure and fast way. Airmail is the in between, so it’s up to you.

        The last thing I’d recommend is Surface Mail, because it honestly takes months to be delivered and for the amount you save, I’m not sure it’s worth it at all.

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  95. sogn0 says:

    thanks so much!

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  98. bronx819 says:

    So I think I majorly screwed up, I was trying to select my address but I couldn’t find it, I was on step three (there were only 4 steps in this one) and I didn’t see anywhere to put my address, I assumed that it would be sent to the address I had registered so I clicked on the green button thinking the final confirmation page was the next step but it just told me that I placed my order, so now I’m kind of panicking, is there any way to check where my order is being shipped? Any way to change it? Please respond quickly

    • bronx819 says:

      For the time being I managed to change my address, but unfortunately it insisted that I selected a prefecture. I picked Tokyo (I think) and just put in my address, am I fine now or do I change something else? I think they changed the interface a bit

      • Kaizora says:

        Hm…. your address is in Japanese domestic format and I’m afraid it would be invalid for them to mail it out. Could you cancel the order? It seems like you entered a domestic address instead of an international one. Let me see if I can screenshot it and show you.

      • Kaizora says:

        I checked out the process and here’s how it was supposed to go if you want to change your address. When you checkout, you should see something like this:

        Click on the button on the left hand side as indicated in the image to change your address. Afterward, you should be taken to this page:

        Then, clicking on the button should take you to:

        This is where you enter your address. You can enter an international address by selecting the tab on the right as indicated in the screenshot. The tab on the left will be a domestic address in Japan, which will force you to choose a prefecture.

  99. bronx819 says:

    I think it already shipped lol that’s a huge pain, will I get a refund? Will I get a penalty? At the very least I don’t want my account banned or anything

    • Kaizora says:

      How much did you pay for shipping? I think you can probably guess if they even shipped it to the right region if you compare how much they charged you for shipping with the method you chose (look at the order in your account) to the rates schedule on this site according to your region/method: http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/charge/list/index_en.html

      I don’t think your account will be banned or anything. If it’s sent to an invalid address, Japan Post will try their best to guess where it is, and if they can’t figure it out, then they return it to the sender, so worst case scenario is that you’d lose money on shipping and won’t get your order.

    • Kaizora says:

      You should get a refund on your order (minus shipping) if they get shipped back to honto.

      • bronx819 says:

        Thanks a bunch, that takes a load off my mind lol would it be alright if I try ordering the same thing but set it to the right address? Or would I be better off waiting?

      • Kaizora says:

        It would be better to wait. It is possible that they have the right address… I would see where it’s been sent before ordering again. Another thing is you might want to change your address to the right one so that this doesn’t happen again.

      • bronx819 says:

        Mk I managed to save my address again, do I have to click any of these buttons to set it to my default or whatever?

      • bronx819 says:

        Sorry I forgot to put the image in

      • Kaizora says:

        It would be the last option of those three options. Alternatively, you could delete the one incorrect one. It would be the 2nd option. 1st option is to change it.

  100. Jordan Cain says:

    Hello. Do I need to really enter my name in hiragana? I keep getting this in red text when I try to confirm near the name part and then your name in hirgana: 全角で入力ください

    • Kaizora says:

      I believe it is asking you to enter your name in full characters (as opposed to half-width characters). Is this the “name in hiragana/katakana” (or furigana) field for registration? If it is, then it is okay to enter anything here, because it will not matter; the English one should be used and you can always change this when you go through checkout and look at the shipping address (if anything, they would include both English and Japanese). You could translate your name into Japanese if you really want something close to your name: http://apps.nolanlawson.com/japanese-name-converter/

  101. Yan says:

    Hi. I don’t really understand this postage/courier service – 海外宅配便(OCS)送料. Is it supposed to be the same as FedEx? Thanks.

    • Kaizora says:

      It would seem that for “海外宅配便(OCS)送料,” America, Central America, China/Korea, and Taiwan would have the possibility of not being able to use this option. In those cases, they would ship with EMS. If you are in the US, I think this defaults to FedEx. On the other hand, you could also just select FedEx as an option if you that’s what you want/if you are in the US.

      • Yan says:

        Oh, I see. Actually, I’m living in Southeast Asia country – Brunei. Anyways, thanks for your time in replying me! :)

  102. RenR says:

    May I know what is a honto card?

    • Kaizora says:

      A honto card is their points membership card that you can get when you purchase from their physical store. On the card, there would be a unique registration/ID # that you could use with your honto.jp account, if you wished to put your points on that specific card so that when you shop in store, you would have the points from online and offline shopping at honto.

  103. spaceking says:

    I recently tried signing up for this to get some manga and, whilst the actual sign-up went just fine, things went a bit sour when I tried to actually purchase some books. I have a Mastercard that works for any other site, but kept getting rejected under the basis of ‘Incorrect name’ despite the fact that it was exactly the name I had on my card.

    Anyway, I tried some different variations of my name to see if it was just finicky, but it didn’t work, and I think because of those attempts they’ve locked out my account. Whenever I try to login, it tells me “ただ今このユーザはログインできません。お手数ですがしばらく経ってから再度ログインして下さい。”, and when I try to reset the password it says “会員ID(メールアドレス)が登録されていないか、生年月日が一致いたしません。” I don’t speak enough japanese to understand these very well. Can you help?

    EDIT: I also tried sending an email to them, and got something back that says “お問い合わせいただきありがとうございます。


    お手数をおかけいたしますが、よろしくお願いいたします。” which I’m assuming either says “We’re looking into it.” or “Please login and send an email.”. Not sure which.

    • Kaizora says:

      I’m a bit confused… why you’d be having login issues if you’re trying to purchase?
      For the first one, it says, “this user cannot login right now” and is asking you to wait for time to pass to give it another try. I’m guessing you failed to login too many times and errored out; it would resolve itself if you waited 10-15 minutes and logged in with the right info though. 2nd error message says that your email is not registered or your birthday is not a match (with the email/user).

      In the help email, it was saying that it wants to confirm that you are the actual person and without forwarding it, to reply as is. “After confirming the details, we will again, guide you through”

      I’d probably just recommend you try logging in again with the right email/password combination…

      • spaceking says:

        I’ve been trying to, but I keep getting the “Wait 10 minutes” message, despite the fact it’s been 3 days since that started showing up. I signed up another account to check, and the message for an incorrect email/password combination is definitely different, so I’m pretty sure the repeated and failed credit card attempts froze that account.

        I’ll probably just end up using the other account I made, but how should I approach getting that other account unfrozen?

      • spaceking says:

        Turns out it was deactivated due to repeated attempts. My card seems to work just fine on Honto, as I purchased an ebook once I regained access and it went fine. I called my card company and they said what was happening was that, whenever I tried to purchase physical copies, there was the initial 0.01$ fee, to test if the card was legitimate, but then another, identical 0.01$ fee that was rejected afterwards. Not sure why this is happening, but that repeated 0.01$ seems to be the culprit.

      • Kaizora says:

        Ah… I see. I’m glad it worked out!

  104. Jasmine says:


    First of all, thank you for this guide! It has really helped in looking for a good place to purchase Japanese goods. :)
    So I ordered a set of three manga about 3 weeks ago. Honto sent me an email saying that the items were backordered and would take 7-21 days to get in stock. However a few days ago, I looked back on the site and saw that the shipping possibility dates were now “24 hr delivery” instead of “7-21 days,” for all three books individually as well as the set. So I assumed that meant the books were now in stock, but now I check the product information page for the set of the three books and the checkout button is unavailable (meaning it can’t be purchased)! But the individual books apparently can still be purchased, and still have an estimated delivery time of “24 hours.”
    I also checked my order history page, and my initial order of the set is still there, listed under “入荷待ち.”
    My question is, should I wait a while longer to see if they ship the set of three that I initially ordered? Or should I just cancel that order and purchase the three books individually instead (would that raise my shipping cost too)?

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!
    Thank you!! :)

    • Jasmine says:

      Also, on my order details page it says: “以下の内容を確認してください。
      I’m not exactly sure what this is trying to say…

      • Kaizora says:

        It says “Please confirm the following contents. Currently, changing the order is temporarily suspended.” I’m guessing they have disabled changing of the order because they’ve placed an order for your books and is now waiting for the stock to come in. I think I’ve had something similar happen to me before where the bundle took 7-21 days while the separated books of the bundle were in stock listed for being ready in 24 hours. In the end, I just waited; since I wasn’t in need of the books, and they were shipped shortly after (maybe a day or two later?). If you cancel the order and order the books separately again, it would not increase your shipping cost since it’s the same thing. I think it’s up to you whether to cancel and re-place the order or to just wait. I would imagine it shouldn’t take too long…

        I’m not entirely sure why the bundle takes longer, but for the most part, I’ve found that ordering the separate books to be easier to get all of them ASAP.

      • Jasmine says:

        Huh, that’s strange… Well I’ll probably wait a couple more days just to see, then.

        Again, thanks for your help!

      • Jasmine says:

        Hello, it’s me again ‘^_^

        Apparently Honto cancelled my order because the book was still out of stock >_<…. I mean, it has been 21 days at this point. I guess they did this because one of the three books in the set shows up as not being able to purchase. On my order page it says "出荷中止 (入荷事故)" and the total is ¥0.

        So now it would probably be best to simply order from another site? Or at least order the two available books from Honto, and the absent one from somewhere else. Because if I wait, I don't know if Honto would have the book back in stock… And do you think I should let the order page clear first? It should be okay to order now right, since they aren't charging me?

        Thank youu :3

      • Kaizora says:

        Oh wow! Must be a popular series then. I would probably re-order elsewhere; if you order 2 from honto and 1 from somewhere else, shipping costs combined would probably be more expensive than if you just combined all 3 from one shop. I would probably try CDJapan (they have a points system as well), although they might not have it. You can also look in, “Where To Buy Japanese Stuff” page for other places to buy manga if you need more recommendations. The other thing is try to cancel the order from the order status page. If that doesn’t work, try emailing honto. They do read English emails, but they will communicate back in Japanese. If you need more help, let me know!

      • Jasmine says:

        It’s Citrus by Saburouta :D
        CDJapan has the series, but volume 3 appears to be not in stock. I also looked at Kinokuniya, which has all three books in stock, but it costs more and I don’t NEED the books that quickly (though I have been wanting them for quite some time…). But I did the math and if I split the purchases between CDJapan and Honto, for instance, it would only be about $4-$5 more than if I bought all three volumes from CDJapan; though I would be willing to wait a bit longer for CDJapan to have volume 3 in order to save that amount.

        There are no options available on my order page to cancel, so I did send Honto an email asking about it. But I still find it confusing how they say one volume is “not available to buy” rather than having the expected delivery date be a long time… So basically they won’t stock it anymore? That would suck :\

      • Jasmine says:

        So this is the gist of their reply email:





        In Google Translating this, I’m getting that since the book has been out of stock for this long and they’re not selling it at the moment that’s why they stopped my order. But if it so happens that they resume selling the book then they will notify me if I want to continue my order. I assume they’re not charging me anything either, since my order wasn’t shipped. Is all that correct though?

        Thanks for all your help, again. Sorry to ask so much lol

      • Kaizora says:

        I think you understood the gist of the email. The order has been canceled since they could not get any more stock. And since they charge you after the order is shipped, you have not been charged and will not be charged. There is a chance that they could restock, but it has not yet been decided.

        Good luck with finding the book! And good choice! I haven’t ordered my copy yet (I think), but I should order it before it’s all gone, haha.

    • Jasmine says:

      Hey look, I can’t thank you enough for your help!! You’re an awesome person (。◕‿‿◕。)

  105. anon says:

    How’s their customer service? is it japanese only? they just stole 20 bucks from me

    • Kaizora says:

      What do you mean they “stole 20 bucks” from you?
      Their customer service is good. If you email them in English, they will respond in Japanese.

      • anon says:

        they charged me money the day I made my order, but then 2 days later they charged me again a bit more (including the shipping this time), and I’d like to get an answer for the reasons of the first payment.

      • Kaizora says:

        That sounds normal. First charge should still be in “pending” status on your card, and would be dropped in a few days after the second charge with shipping (the proper amount) clears.

  106. Lana says:

    Two SAL orders haven’t made it to me ;__; one was shipped 28/09/14 consisting of 9 mangas and one on the 02/11 with 6 magazines. Are they probably lost…? Or should I have hope lol TT^TT
    Sad because my other orders of 1 magazine, and 2 mangas separate all came ok…

    • Kaizora says:

      28/09/14 might be lost… 02/11 might still be around, because it’s kind of near December and December is just really bad. I’m guessing that one could be held up in customs, then holidays and somewhat forgotten; hanging around in the customs room. It could be possible for the package to show up someday, but can’t say for sure, unfortunately :\. I’ve given up ordering in those months actually…

      You could try checking the Japan Post news (in English) to see if there were any delays for your country:

      • Lana says:

        I see, thanks! So which months would you recommend to not order?

      • Kaizora says:

        Usually Golden Week (April 29, May 3-5) and end of October until December months are the peak months. I’m not sure why your September package would get lost still… but I’d probably avoid end of the year in general :/ or sending with EMS.

  107. Anaïs says:

    This guide has been really helpful for ordering a few books over the past several months, especially in helping me figure out how to enter my address. I just figured I’d leave a comment here in case it’s helpful to anyone.

    My first two orders were both in stock at the time I ordered them but I soon received emails saying they were back-ordered; eventually all three book orders were cancelled. I checked each day to see if they would come back in stock and managed to catch two of them when they were set to ship within 24 hours. The one book shipped out within a few days and the other ended up being back-ordered yet again but shipped eventually (still waiting on that one to arrive but it has only been 2.5 weeks, though 2.5 months total for it to actually be in stock to ship). So if anyone is worried about ordering when honto says they’ll ship within 7-21 days, or if your book ends up cancelled, don’t lose hope because they still might pop back in stock in time for you to order if you’re patient! ^^ (And shipping was 380 for each book on it’s own, one a light novel and the other a small artbook)

    Now I’m just waiting on an order of three books since one of them is, of course, set to ship in 7-21 days. Patience is apparently key when ordering from honto!

  108. Jaime says:

    I’m getting 全角で入力ください as an error message when I initially try to enter my name. Please note, this is not when I confirm my name (in kana). For example, if I entered my name as Jaime, and put it in katakana as ハイメ, the error would be getting thrown up at Jaime.

    • Kaizora says:

      I just tried entering “ハイメ” in the Katakana keyboard and it went through fine. If I enter english characters, or half-width characters, it will throw that same error you were getting. The error basically says, “Please enter full-width characters.”

  109. Johnny says:

    I’m trying to buy 17 volumes of the Crossbone Gundam manga. On CDJapan it seems like Shipping by SAL will be 5200 Yen. Also their books are about 60 yen cheaper per book. Do you think it would be cheaper on Honto or not really? Thanks!

    • Kaizora says:

      Hi Johnny,

      I believe they are the same price from CDJapan to Honto. Honto has their prices listed with tax included, but if you are shipping outside of Japan, I believe they do not include that tax during checkout. On CDJapan, it says (605yen Tax incl. in Japan), which would be the same price on honto. I think that 5200 yen is probably about right. SAL price chart can be found here: http://www.post.japanpost.jp/english/fee/intel/sal.html

      I think your books weight about 200-300g per book, so it might be borderline to even ship SAL printed matter… The limit is 5kg unless you’re from Canada. But in any case, to answer your question, I think it’s about the same. On CDJapan, you get CDJapan points; on honto, you get honto points, so up to you.

      • Johnny says:

        Ah, I didn’t see the tax! Thanks so much for all the information! I think I will go with CDJapan because a couple of those books are out of stock on honto so I don’t know how long I’d have to wait to have everything shipped in one shipment.

      • Johnny says:

        Actually I changed my mind. I’m going to go with Honto just so I can see what their service is like as I’ve already ordered from CDJapan in the past.

        For the shipping methods what is 航空便 and 船便? Are one of these the Surface method? I actually prefer a shipment method that takes a couple of months because I’m in the process of moving so I would like to receive it at my new house if possible.


      • Kaizora says:

        航空便 is “Air Mail,” which is faster than SAL and surface mail, but more expensive. 船便 is surface mail and would take several months. Here’s some info on that: http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/service/dispatch/index_en.html

        船便 would be what you’re looking for :).

      • Johnny says:

        Thanks again for all the useful information!

  110. Harry says:

    Hello, I just order 3 manga (only 1 of them available, the rest they said “it order”), and I check my credit card, I see nothing charged. I think if 1 mange in stock, they should charge for that one… Have you meet the case they not charge money (I know they not charge shipping cost, I mention the cost of the manga), how long they actually charge money when you order (cause I see I can cancel order). My credit card is fine, I successful bought ebook from honto. Sorry my english is not good, hope you understand what I wrote, thank for your help :)

    • Kaizora says:

      Hi Harry,

      They will charge you in full when the order ships out. Sometimes they’ll charge the cost of all the books, but it would only be a “pending” charge, not a final charge. That pending charge would drop when it ships because they know how much to charge you for the books + shipping. Hope this helps!

      • Harry says:

        thanks so much for reply
        I read all comment (it is really useful), and I see this in 1 comment above http://imgur.com/a/ydD17#0 , it is really good packing, will it the default packing or if not, how can I get that one, I mean the white material, http://i.imgur.com/wH3XayY.jpg?1 It is in middle on the image
        thank you again, you and your site awesome

      • Kaizora says:

        Hi :). They will definitely ship the books wrapped in the white foam packaging no matter the size of the order! If you order enough books, they would ship in a small box and not an envelope (I’ve never seen an envelope before to be honest). I think if you ordered one or two books, they would ship with an envelope.

  111. rohxez says:

    First of all thank you so much for this tutorial plus all your extra help in the comments! I was able to sign up and order with no problems! :D
    I do however have a concern. I bought manga at 432¥ I figure that’s for the actual book, yeah? And 400¥ is for the ebook. So when I paid I was only charged 400¥ for each book and my total charge was 2000¥. Is that just an estimate charge and when they bill my debit card they’ll credit the real amount with shipping included? Or do you think they’re charging me for ebooks? They don’t show up under my ebook purchases so I’m somewhat confused… You’re help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Kaizora says:

      Hi :). I’m glad it’s been helpful. So actually, the price you see on the product pages and in your shopping cart is the price including Japanese tax. If the items are shipped outside of Japan, there is no tax. I believe 432¥ is actually 400¥ without tax. If the items have shipped, then it should be the actual charge with shipping. If it hasn’t, then they should not charge you. If you see a charge, it may just be a “pending” charge which would get dropped when your order ships.

      • rohxez says:

        Yes! Thank you very much! I saw on my account the credited amount for the books and shipping. I’m still so grateful that it was so cheap ;A; I’m going to buy all the books now!
        Thank you so much for all your help!

  112. Harry says:

    Hi, It is me again and… I am disappointing now…… is there any chance the book will be in stock again? today I check status order and see this
    only 2 months……..I am crying

    • Kaizora says:

      Sorry to hear about your experience :(. They would likely cancel the order. There may be a chance they’ll restock, but I’d probably order elsewhere for now!

  113. Hi,

    Thanks for your help once again. I ordered today from Honto… finally!!! I was practically going insane trying to find a particular novel series and no one seemed to have it. And if they did, the price was ridiculously expensive and I just wanted to give up. But your guide really helped me out. Now I just have to sit tight and wait for my order to be shipped.

    Will I receive an email when the order gets shipped? And also, normally how long do they take to ship a order? They’ve mentioned 7~21 days in the product page.

    • I have another question as well.

      When I placed my order using Master Card, Honto only asked for the card type, name on card and the expiry date. It didn’t redirect me to any banking page or ask for a one time password which other sites normally do. But I got a message from the bank that a small amount was deducted from honto which I think is the foreign currency conversion charge.

      These are screenshots of the mail I received from them.

      Is my order really confirmed? Or have I missed out some kind of step? You’re help will be appreciated.

      • Kaizora says:

        Yes! You will get a confirmation email when it ships out and in that order page in the first screenshot, it appears that you have an order number so it’s definitely in their system. For the charge, you don’t need to go to the banking page to authorize the charge… As long as your credit card allows for the charge, it would be fine. It takes them a day or two to get together your order for shipping. Also, since you got a recent charge on your card related to honto, it should be fine.

  114. Oh yay! Thank you so much for clarifying. Frankly, I was really surprised when I just got a mail with 注文完了without being redirected to a bank page. But now it makes sense ^__^ I can’t wait to receive my parcel now. I’m already starting to reconsider to place my future orders with honto.

    Btw, I’ve recommended your guide to many of my friends since they were interested to know as well.Your guide is amazing and your fast replies are really helpful. Thank you once again.

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  117. don500488 says:

    Hello! I bought some books on May 4 and got a notification that it has been shipped on May 8th, but it’s been almost 3 weeks since the books were shipped and I’m really worried. I’m from Canada and took the SAL shipping method…. is that normal?

    • Kaizora says:

      2-3 weeks I would say is still within the norm. Might be stuck at customs if it takes longer…which could add a few more weeks to it :\.

      • don500488 says:

        I see, thanks :/

      • don500488 says:

        Hello again, I went to check my purchase history, the place where I usually check and it says how much I spent, what books I bought and its status. But today when I went to check, it completely disappeared, it says I haven’t bought anything: ご購入履歴はありません. What happened?

      • Kaizora says:

        Are you sorting by last 30 days perhaps? The default is on the last 30 days. Here is where the sorting menu is:

        Purchase History Filtering

        You can click on `今年` for the entire year (this year) or `過去半年` for the past half year.

      • don500488 says:

        Ah… thanks, I was really worried that something might have happened ^^’

    • al says:

      Hi don500488, I have a few questions for you if you don’t mind answering. Did you purchase books with total weight more than 2 kg? I checked the Japan Post website and they said the upper limit for SAL shipping to Canada is 2 kg. Last time I checked the total weight of the stuff I was planning to buy from CDJapan website (they have the calculator there) and it’s 2070 grams and they won’t let me use SAL :( probably the weight accounts for the box and all that, but do you have any idea if the same rule also applies to honto?

      Also, did you have to pay taxes for all the books you bought? I read somewhere that if you import stuff with value above certain threshold ($20 or 40?) to Canada, you have to pay taxes. But I also heard a few stories of some who had to pay, and some who did not have to pay taxes even though they did purchase things above the aforementioned threshold. I would like to know what happened with taxes in your case.

      Thanks in advance :)

  118. im in vietnam.i didnt know honto couldnt ship to vietnam by SAL So i chose it as my shipping method. They sent my a nofitication order with shipping number and a link to track but i cant track it .Here is what they sent me
    お届け方法 :船便


    • Kaizora says:

      According to that email, it’s being shipped via ship, and I think the tracking would usually take 3-5 days from shipping to the post to show up? Also, when it gets to Vietnam, it would likely be transported to your location via a local mail service in your country. I would not worry too much, it looks like it has been shipped to you all right.

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  120. Harry says:

    can you help me, on honto site, I see 2 version of disk

    1/ キャラクター原案・カントク氏描き下ろしイラストシート

    2/ キャラクター原案・カントク氏描き下ろしキャラクター添い寝シーツ

    I use google to translate but I think it’s wrong, what different does it and what it mean, thank you.

  121. can i change shiping method when i received confirmation order mail ?

  122. k1w1z says:

    Reblogged this on shingekiblog.

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  153. Ham says:

    I just signed up for Honto and now I cannot log in. It tells me to put the password in alphanumeric half size but I can’t seem to do that… I am not sure if I have remembered my password correctly either, though, so I was just going to change it but when I click what I think is the forgotten password link I can’t work out what to do.
    Please can you help me.
    Thank you

    • Kaizora says:

      Hi Ham,

      It’s likely that you may have forgotten your password. You can go to this page to reset your password: https://honto.jp/reg/forgot-pw.html

      The first field is asking for your email address that you registered your account with. Second field is asking for the name you registered your account with. These have to match in order for them to identify that you own this account. The 3rd line is your new password and 4th line is asking for you to re-enter this new password. Then click on the green button. If your information matches their records, it will bring you to a confirmation screen, you click on the green button again to confirm.

      They should send you a confirmation email. From the confirmation email, you should see a link that will bring you to enter your new password in again. Once that’s confirmed, you should be good to go!

  154. Quazar says:

    Thank you so much for this guide I just placed an order on Honto for my favorite manga series, Ultra Heaven, super exited to finally own it and it would not have been possible without this guide (well I could have used Amazon Japan’s English feature but the price was so much higher on there). I can’t read Japanese but I needed this manga in my collection, as it is my favorite, and it was always hard for me to figure out the best way to buy manga from Japan so your guide has saved me a lot of hassle. Thanks again for the great guide and can’t wait to get the manga, and more eventually, from Honto!

  155. Nutella says:

    The honto.jp has changed and I can’t follow the tutorial you have made :(

    I have no idea how to purchase a book, so that it will be send to Europe. Can you maybe update the way of purcashing a book from outside of Japan? :)

  156. Nicolas says:

    Hi, I don’t know if you still replying to these coments but…
    I ordered some manga 4 days ago and I haven’t recieved the shipping mail, I’m actually worried, how long does it take to the shipping to be ready?

  157. Ly Nghiep Le says:

    Thank you very much for the guide. I have registered and already successfully ordered my book. I only needed and order 1 book the first time.
    May I ask that where can I find the bulk shipping (all at once) option? Is it only available when you order or can I adjust in my Account page even if I don’t have anything to order at the moment?

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  159. Eli Long says:

    Hi, I’m not sure if the author still checks this page, but I have a question. When I try to enter in my name for registration (both Full name and Furigana) it keeps asking me to enter it in full-width. I added a space between my first and last but I’m not really sure what’s wrong. What should I do?

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