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Lonely Yuri Game – English Version Released!

The Lonely Yuri (孤独に効く百合) game has been officially translated and released in English, available through DLSite now! As I mentioned in an earlier post, this yuri game won DLSite’s First Anniversary Campaign, which is why it has been selected to be translated into … Continue reading

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(Late?) Updates

Hey guys, sorry for not posting for such a looong time. I’ve come back from my study abroad trip in Japan about two months ago. It was a nice change of pace, and I enjoyed it as much as I … Continue reading

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bk1 in Japan

I’m currently residing in Kyoto, Japan! And since I almost always used bk1 while I was in America, I decided to use it in Japan too. I’ve placed my bk1 order last Friday (4/6) and they sent me a shipping … Continue reading

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Tsubomi Web Comic 2/22 Updates

New Illustration Art done by 一花ハチ (Hitohana Hachi) It’s from the manga 神さまばかり恋をする (Kamisama bakari koi o suru). If you haven’t read about my earlier post on the Tsubomi Web Comic page, you can read about it here. – 2/22 … Continue reading

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ジャム学! New Free Game with Yuri route

I came across this piece of yuri news today so I’m going to share on my blog. A new free visual novel came out with a possible yuri route (レイラルート). ジャム学! is a Shoujo ADV Visual Novel. The game is … Continue reading

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Yokatta Shopping Service Order

My order from Yokatta, an online shopping service from Japan, came in today. The order shipped out Nov. 31st with SAL (no tracking). I guess the order hit holiday shipping delays, the same way my bk1 orders have (which I … Continue reading

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Takemiya Jin’s Fragments of Love

I finished editing the second chapter of Fragments of Love by Takemiya Jin for Lililicious and submitted my copy to Erin for QC. I actually stayed up until 6 AM editing the chapter last night (aka this morning)…so I hope … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I wish you and your family happy holidays! Let’s celebrate Christmas with a ShizNat picture illustrated by the doujin circle, Waterfall. I’ll be celebrating with my cousins. Will be making a post on my old bk1 orders later … Continue reading

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Lililicious Changes

As you may know already, Lililicious have made an announcement earlier today about some changes to the group as a whole. They want to “transition to working more on doujinshi and older manga rather than currently-running or recently-published manga.” I’ve … Continue reading

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「つぼみのwebコミック」 Tsubomi Web Comic Page Opened!

Tsubomi Web Comic 「つぼみのwebコミック」 page opened up to the public a few hours ago. It’s updated every month on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday. Illustration was done by Kurogane Ken. There are currently extras from the following four manga that … Continue reading

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